Doctor on Demand is a telemedicine service that gives you access to medical doctors 24/7/365 for the treatment of common and worrisome ailments such as urinary tract infections, skin and eye issues, and minor sports injuries. These problems can sometimes lead to trips to the emergency room simply because you cannot get to your doctor in a timely manner. With this service, you register, request a doctor and meet one quickly via your computer or smart device.

Along with consultation for the diagnosis of symptoms, you can also contact Doctor on Demand for interpretation of lab results. This makes it a useful and inexpensive way to get a second opinion on a diagnosis.

You can get help for your children as well, a great assistance since so often kids have accidents or illnesses that strike after hours. However, these doctors can also handle non-urgent issues like head lice, poison ivy or rashes. There are also lactation consultants for mothers experiencing breastfeeding-related issues.

In addition to medical assistance, there are psychologists and psychiatrists you can schedule appointments with for online therapy. They treat depression, additions, social anxiety, trauma and workplace stress as well as social issues. Like the doctors, psychiatrists can prescribe medication. Doctor on Demand provides an online assessment to help you determine if you could benefit from telepsychology.

Neither the doctors not the counselors handle emergency situations. They cannot replace a true ER or a suicide hotline.

The doctors are all board-certified and are screened and trained to assure they are well qualified to provide online medical care. Only five to 10 percent of the doctors that apply are accepted. They are trained in over 200 clinical protocols. It also conducts peer reviews along with client feedback.

There's only one set fee for medical visits, while telepsychology costs differently according to the treatment received and length of the appointment. You may be able to have your insurance pay the costs.

For non-emergency medical care, pediatric appointments and mental health help, Doctor on Demand can connect you with a qualified and certified medical professional. Most services are available 24/7/365. The cost is a little more than a standard copay, but it may take your insurance.

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