HeimVision A80S Wake-Up Light review

The HeimVision A80S Wake-Up Light delivers faux sunshine on a shoestring and is an Amazon number one bestseller, but is it powerful enough to help you rise and shine?

HeimVision A80S Wake-Up Light review
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This HeimVision wake-up light is a real bargain, so no wonder it's a number one bestseller on Amazon. It isn't without fault, and plenty of existing customers have found it tricky connecting the light to the companion app, but the wealth of light options, sounds and alarms on offer for such a low price make it an attractive option overall. It could also double as a nightlight for children.


  • +

    15-minute snooze function

  • +

    Manual, voice and app control

  • +

    Doubles as a nightlight

  • +

    Built-in relaxing sounds


  • -

    No DAB

  • -

    Limited smart functionality

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The HeimVision A80S Wake-Up Light will brighten up your day in more ways than one. Designed to mimic the natural light of sunrise to help you wake feeling more refreshed, it easily found a place in our guide to the best sunrise alarm clocks for many reasons – not only does it deliver big on features at an affordable price, the HeimVision A80S pairs with Alexa for voice control and it look good on the nightstand. 

In our HeimVision A80S Wake-Up Light review we look at the clock’s price, design, features, and what existing customers say about it. Considering it’s one of the cheapest body clock lights around, it has plenty of relaxing sounds to choose from, including many that you would find in the best sound machines for generating white noise. The HeimVision A80S also offers soothing nature sounds, similar to those you’d find on a meditation app

For now let’s take a look at how this cheery light can help you wake up more easily, and whether it’s worth adding to your sleep setup. And don’t forget to read our guides to the best mattress online and the best pillows if you’re looking to supercharge your sleep. 

HeimVision A80S Wake-Up Light review: Overview

This cheap HeimVision Wake-Up Light gives you everything you need to sleep well and wake refreshed, including natural sounds, adjustable lighting, and an FM radio. And with a gentle light on offer, it’s also suitable for kids to use as a nightlight. 

If you like to stay connected you can also operate the HeimVision A80S Wake-Up Light via the companion app (iOS, Android), but it’s just as easy to use without it, if you prefer to leave your phone in a different room overnight. Meanwhile, the snooze function and bedside lamp feature make this device even more essential. 

It doesn’t have anywhere near the level of features and smarts on offer with the top-rated models, but it’s also a heck of a lot cheaper. If you do want the best and hang the cost, we’d recommend reading our Philips SmartSleep Connected review.

HeimVision A80S Wake-Up Light review: Spec

  • $45.99 RRP
  • FM Radio
  • App, voice and manual control
  • Snooze function
  • Seven relaxing sounds
  • Adjustable lighting
  • USB charging 
  • Dimensions 6.5 x 6.5 x 2.8 inches
  • Weight 1.15lbs

HeimVision A8OS Wake-Up Light review: An image showing the light with a warm sunrise glow

(Image credit: HeimVision)

HeimVision A80S Wake-Up Light review: Design

The A80S simulates much more than natural daylight – it also looks the part with its smooth round polished finish perfectly mimicking the sun. And standing at 6.5 inches, this HeimVision Wake-Up Light won’t take up heaps of space on your nightstand. We like the simplicity of this device, which features discreet buttons along the top edge that are easy to use even in low light. The buttons operate the light, alarms and the snooze button, and can also be used to set a timer.

The display at the front of the HeimVision A80S clearly shows the time, as well as showing icons for the light and sound options, plus the FM radio, but if you want to keep things pared back, this display can also be turned off. This is a smart move if you’re easily disturbed from sleep by light and noise.

The glow given off by the sunrise simulation is just right, with the option to start with a dim red light gradually waking to a brighter daylight. The wind-down at ‘sunset’ is also just as relaxing, and the ability to set music and light intensity is a welcome detail that will help you on your way to a restful slumber.

It’s worth reading the instructions to make sure you are familiar with the buttons and the app first, but once you are, you’ll be able to use the HeimVision A80S in your sleep.

HeimVision A80S Wake-Up Light review: Features

If you like variety, you’ll love the HeimVision A80S. For the light options you can switch modes between the sunrise lamp with 20 adjustable brightness levels or a more colorful choice, which offers seven LED colors to choose from. This also makes it a fun option for younger members of the family. 

When it comes to sounds, you can relax to the sound of birds chirping, waves rising and crashing, river flowing, or even voice, windchime, orchestra, and piano. There’s certainly enough here to suit most people, but if you want even more choice there is also an FM radio. However, the sound can be tinny, so don’t expect anything great when you switch on the radio function.

HeimVision A8OS Wake-Up Light review: An image showing the clock displaying a time of 9.19am

(Image credit: HeimVision)

Other ways in which the HeimVision wake-up light can be used is as a handy nightlight, and for further functionality you can also pair the device with the SmartLife app. In the app you can set the four alarm clocks, control the sleep timer, adjust the light intensity and more. The HeimVision A80S Wake-Up Light is also compatible with Alexa Voice Control, as well as Google Home, making it simple to include in your smart home setup.

HeimVision A80S Wake-Up Light review: User reviews

HeimVision has plenty of positive user reviews on its website, with customers pleased at the features on offer for such a great price. Comments include, ‘As someone who has trouble waking up early, this product helped out a lot. It's also very functional in general as a bedside light.’

There are over 230 HeimVision A80S reviews from existing customers on the brand’s site, with an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars. One of the more critical reviews stated how, ‘I like a lot of the features of this alarm clock. I like the ability to connect to an app and control it, however, I wish it was a little easier to set up and the app had a better interface. Overall a great product though.’

Elsewhere online, the HeimVision A80S is the number-one bestselling clock radio on Amazon and has more than 10,000 reviews. It has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, with over 65% of those user reviews being five stars. Criticisms are mainly around frustrations with connecting to the app and Wi-Fi. Others complained that it is difficult to set up, and that the alarm is hit and miss. 

Positive HeimVision A80S reviews on Amazon center around the light simulation, and all the different light, sound and brightness options for the low price. One customer had a use for it outside of waking up too: ‘It also works nicely as a desk light and the ability to throw different colors on the walls is nice.’

Should you buy the HeimVision A80S Wake-Up Light?

For the low price we think the HeimVision A80S Wake-Up Light offers lots for your money – not only are there plenty of light and sound options to play with, but you can control it using Alexa Voice Control or via the SmartLife app (iOS, Android). 

If, however, you are looking for something with a slightly higher sound quality, then you might want to check out another body clock light from our recommended list. But when it comes to affordable and cheerful, the HeimVision A80S Wake-Up Light is up there with the best, casting a soft cosy glow to start your day right.

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