Pros / The tread-life warranties are excellent.

Cons / The truck tire options are severely limited.

 Verdict / Continental is competitively priced and has good tread-life warranties covering most of its tires. It just doesn't have many truck tires.

Founded in Hanover, Germany in 1871, Continental is one of the oldest tire brands in the world. However, Continental didn't enter the U.S. tire market until the late 1980's when it purchased General Tire. In my evaluation, Continental showed it can combine good prices with excellent tread-life warranties. However, the number of available performance options for common sizes is disappointing, especially for truck tires.

The average price for a sedan tires was $102. This is right at the market average for the same size tires. It's not even close to Cooper's low average of $73 per tire, but it's much better than brands like Bridgestone and Michelin, $123 and $132 per tire, respectively.

The average price for the SUV size tire is more competitive at $159 per tire. The market average for the same size tire is $167 with some brands costing an average of $195 per tire. The truck tire is also very competitive at $184 per tire, which is $19 below the average. However, there are so few truck options for each size, you may not be able to find a tire to fit your performance needs, despite the lower average price.

One of the best features of Continental tires is the 60-day road test. Every tire is backed by this road-test period, allowing you to gauge whether you like the performance before committing to the tire. Perhaps the tires are too loud or the tires don't grip the road like you want. It doesn't matter what the reason is, you can drive on the tires for 60 days and return them for a refund if you're not satisfied.

The most impressive aspect of Continental is the tread-life warranties. The warranty covers 26 tire series, which is nearly every tire the company makes, save for most of the winter tires. The best tread-life warranty, covering ControlContact Tour A/S, has a mileage of 90,000 miles. This is excellent, especially for an all-season fuel-efficient tire. Only Hankook has a tire line with a higher mileage. On average, however, Continental's tread-life mileage is 62,000 miles. This is among the best average tread-life mileage. It shows Continental has a lot of confidence in the durability of its tires.

The performance options are Continental's biggest downside. While it had above-average options for passenger tires fitting 16- and 17-inch rims, it was severely lacking for options with the 15-inch tires. It's also wildly inconsistent. For example, the P205/55R16 has 14 performance options, but the P225/60R16 tire only has four options. The options are hit and miss. Some common sizes have many performance options and some only have a few. However, the truck tire sizes only have one tire option for five of the six tire sizes. The six size has no tires to fit it.

Continental is a competitively priced tire brand with above-average tread-life warranties. The 60-day road test period is the best available, ensuring you get the tires you want. However, the tire series are very inconsistent over what options fit common tire sizes, especially truck tires. You might find you have a bevy of choices, but you might also find you only have one choice.

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