Pros / You can produce test cuts to adjust the speed and force.

Cons / The Gazelle's reliance on your desktop or laptop is an issue if you want to bring your die cutter to crafting events.

 Verdict / The Gazelle is compatible with the most popular cutting software, which allows you to create anything you think up.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

The Bosskut Gazelle provides an excellent overall value. While it does not quite have the cutting pressure that the best die cutting machines have, this unit is popular and well respected in the crafting community. The Gazelle can help you make unforgettable greeting cards, scrapbook pages and other crafts with its ability to cut vinyl, cardstock, foam, glitter paper, balsa wood and chipboard precisely. The Gazelle is a tough machine that, when paired with software, frees you forever from the cartridge system, with its ability to help you find and adapt new cutting designs from anywhere.

Like the best die-cutting machines, the Gazelle interacts well with your computer. Funtime software comes with this die-cutting machine, but you can continue to use Make The Cut and Sure Cuts A Lot if you're used to these applications. All three programs allow you to take any pattern and adapt it for cutting. Funtime comes with many shapes and fonts, and you can easily import AI, WPC, PLT, JPEG and BMP files. You can manipulate them in Funtime or other software for the Gazelle to cut. This eliminates the need to buy expensive cartridges like the ones required by some die-cutting machines.

The Gazelle's controls are easy to use with a little practice. You'll learn quickly to pay attention to the LED control lights near the settings. The speed and force settings also feed and center the paper or material you plan to cut. If the pause button is activated, you may accidentally adjust the wrong settings. The Gazelle allows you to adjust the blade depth, speed and pressure so that you have full control over the finer points of the cutting process. Luckily, this die cutter has a default test mode to check the cut before you start a project.

One drawback to the Gazelle is its reliance on your computer. It can be inconvenient if you take your cutter to group crafting or scrapbooking parties or conventions. This is a moderately sized paper die cutter and may be hard to carry, even with a laptop. At 12 pounds, it's definitely portable – not tiny but still portable. There is no handle to help you carry it though.

With 700 grams of pressure, this die-cutting machine will cut just about any type of material, including cardstock, glitter paper, chipboard, balsa wood, foam, Grafix plastic sheets, metallic paper, vinyl and other media. You can only cut some materials, like foam, if the slab is fairly thin – no thicker than 1 millimeter. If you have a big project, the Gazelle can help you save paper with its fill-the-page feature, which automatically positions as many graphics as possible on one page. The fit-to-path option instructs the Gazelle to cut your text into a specified pattern, like a circle or an arc.

This die-cutting machine does a lot of things well, and it can cut several types of materials. The Gazelle can also engrave, emboss and perforate. The Gazelle engraving function is impressive. You can engrave intricate patterns on thin sheets of metal, which is impressive as many die cutters on our lineup weren't able to do this. With the piercing feature, you can have the Gazelle replace the edges of your design with small pinpoint indentations rather than full cuts. As with most machines, this die cutter can also draw designs for you if you replace the blade with a pen.

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The Bosskut Gazelle is an excellent die-cutting machine. It can cut an impressive range of materials, and it can emboss, engrave and draw. You can access all of these features through the easy-to-use Funtime software, which is also able to import an unlimited number of designs. You can forget competitors' expensive cartridges and use this clever and versatile die-cutting machine for many craft projects.

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