Pros / It can sew incredibly fast at 1,100 stitches per minute.

Cons / It only has 23 stitch patterns.

 Verdict / It’s not that the Singer 4423 Heavy Duty is a bad sewing machine – it just lacks a lot of the features included in computerized models.

This sewing machine isn’t messing around. Its sturdy metal build makes you feel like it could sew through anything, and at up to 1,100 stitches per minute it can do so very quickly. It’s also inexpensive, though this mechanical sewing machine does lack some frills included in computerized models.

With only 23 stitch patterns, the Heavy Duty doesn’t give you much to choose from. Along with six basic stitches, it has four stretch stitches, 12 decorative stitches and one style of buttonhole. In general, your bases are covered. You do have to manually change the stitch width and length settings, but the dial controls are easy to figure out. Our reviewers gave it a B+ for ease of use, with all of them using the word “solid” to describe it. This machine would be ideal for someone who isn’t well-versed in technology or just likes to avoid it.

This machine also has great sewing results. For one, the buttonhole feature is easy to figure out. It is marketed as “heavy duty,” so we tried sewing on four layers of denim at one time. Surprisingly, the straight stitch that resulted was just as neat and straight as on two layers of thin cotton. The straight stitch is all-around tidy, but the back stitching does look a little sloppy. We also noticed some puckering while working with satin, so it got a grade of B- for sewing accuracy. You’re on your own with speed control as there is no switch to control it on the machine itself. You have to figure out exactly how hard to press the pedal to prevent your fabric from suddenly getting away from you. As it can sew incredibly fast, it’s also the loudest machine we tested. It reached 71.4 decibels at its highest speed.

This Singer has a sewing light, automatic needle threader and thread cutter, just like the other machines we tested. A soft case is included to shelter it from excess dust as well. It also comes with three extra sewing feet: a buttonhole foot, button sewing foot and zipper foot. Other machines we tested came with far more, like the Singer Confidence 7640 and the Singer Stylist 7258. There are other accessories included with this Singer model though, like a screw driver, seam ripper and spool pin cap.

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