Pros / It is available in multiple sizes to accommodate larger or smaller rooms.

Cons / It isn’t compatible with 120-volt wiring for older homes.

 Verdict / The Cadet 4F1000W is a reliable baseboard heater and offers years of use through its lifetime warranty.

The Cadet 4F1000W is a popular and reliable baseboard heater designed for warming bedrooms and offices on a room-by-room basis. This unit comes in a variety of sizes and power outputs, but its most popular model is the 1,000-watt version due to its compact design, lifetime warranty and reduced heat loss. Though it isn’t as powerful as larger units intended for large rooms, this one stands up to the rigors of daily use during cold seasons.

Operating at 1,000 watts of heat output, this electric baseboard heater delivers up to 3,410 btu of energy to rooms of approximately 100 square feet in size. The heater is equipped with universal wiring that works with a 240-volt wiring system to accommodate single-heater controlling as well as whole-home syncing between multiple units. When installed below a window, the device proves quite capable of combating low temperatures and keeping a room warm.

Though this heater is available in various sizes and power outputs, the 1000-watt baseboard heating unit is among the most popular due to its size and wattage. Through a durable and reliable design, it quickly heats up the most common room sizes, such as bedrooms, whereas smaller units struggle and larger units might heat a room too quickly. It maximizes the surface area and funneling of heated air to keep the room warm even if cold air is leaking in. This unit can quickly warm a room and withstand the rigors of everyday use through its anti-scratch surface and durable heating element. It comes with universal wiring at both ends of the unit, as well as pre-punched knockouts at 1-inch intervals to ensure you achieve the best placement possible in a room. What makes this baseboard heater stand out is its long warranty.

Cadet is an established and trusted brand in the world of electric baseboard heating, and this is evidenced by the included lifetime warranty, though hydronic models, such as the Cadet EBHN1500W, don't have the same lifetime protection. The manufacturer's website comes with several tools and resources to help with installing the wiring to your existing connector point. For additional assistance, you can contact the manufacturer via phone during regular business hours to troubleshoot installation problems.

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With its lifetime warranty, the Cadet 4F1000W should provide warmth to your home or office for countless years. Though the best units in this product line are only adequate enough to heat bedrooms and offices, it should effectively heat cold outside walls and reduce the amount of heat loss in a room, with minimal utility consumption.

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