Pros / It is compatible with multiple voltages, allowing for both single-unit and whole-home temperature syncing.

Cons / Its warranty is incredibly short compared to most other units.

 Verdict / The hydronic heating element makes this an effective heater, though the short warranty period doesn't inspire confidence.

The King 4K2407BW is a basic baseboard heater that is ideal for small bedrooms and offices. Its hydronic heating element provides residual heat after you turn off the heater, and the unit comes with wiring necessary to facilitate whole-home temperature syncing. Though it comes with a rather short warranty, it still offers effective performance with little heat loss while in operation.

This hydronic baseboard heating unit is designed to radiate heat through the top of the unit, utilizing a ribbon aluminum finning to create directional flows of air for maximum efficiency. The conductive liquid that the heating element is partially immersed in retains heat and continues dispersing it to keep a room warm longer than a strictly electric heater can. To prevent overheating, a capillary sensor tube extends the full length of the element and ensures temperatures do not exceed 175 degrees Fahrenheit.

With a maximum wattage of 1000, this electric baseboard heater is ideal for warming a single bedroom or office up to 100 square feet in size. The heater measures 48 inches wide, so it should fit easily in a 10 x 10 foot room. It also comes with wiring connections compatible with 120, 208 and 240 volts, allowing you to not only wire it for individual control in both modern and older homes, but also three-way wiring for whole-home temperature syncing.

Of all the electric baseboard heating units we evaluated, this one has the shortest warranty available. The warranty protects everything on the unit, including the heating element, for a period of one year. For comparison, hydronic baseboard heaters usually have warranties up to 10 years, like on the QMark HBB1254. Though these devices are supposed to operate for years without issue, a long warranty period provides added confidence in its ability to perform. Though this unit suffers from a short warranty period, that does not necessarily call the quality of the unit into question.

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The King 4K2407BW is a reliable and efficient baseboard heater ideal for warming a small single room. The short warranty is a concern. However, the hydronic heating element can save you money on your gas bill and provide long-lasting heat that does not instantly fade as an electric heater does.

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