Pros / It comes with a lengthy 10-year warranty to protect the expensive heating element.

Cons / It is not compatible with 120-volt wiring.

 Verdict / The QMark HBB 1254 is an excellent hydronic baseboard heater for rooms up to 200 square feet.

The QMark HBB 1254 is an electric hydronic baseboard heater, which means its heating element is immersed a heat-conductive liquid. This unit offers a high level of heat output that belies its low power consumption, and it works with two different wiring voltages. Whether you need a device that maintains a steady temperature, a hydronic baseboard heater is a smart option.

This electric baseboard heater is 58 inches wide and operates at an output level of 1250 watts, which makes it ideal for rooms up to 200 square feet. It can produce 4,265 BTU of energy – quite a lot for a heater this size. When the heating element turns off, the heat storage fluid prolongs the thermal output of the device so that it maintains your room’s temperature for long spans of time. Hydronic heaters take longer to warm up, but they also retain heat much longer than typical electric units, including our top pick, the Dimplex PC6025W31. This heat retention makes hydronic units more power-efficient than electric heaters.

For replacements or new installations, this baseboard heating unit is compatible with either 240 or 208-volt wiring. It comes with a large wiring compartment on the side for easy access to its interior wiring to integrate with existing wall wires. It requires an external thermostat and remote for controlling the unit and setting temperatures. You can install it on most floor types, including carpet and wood.

Hydronic baseboard heaters typically have shorter warranties than you find on electric heaters. This is unfortunate since hydronic units are much more expensive. However, the QMark comes with a lengthy 10-year warranty period to prolong the life of its parts and help you realize the heater’s benefits for longer.

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Hydronic baseboard heating is more energy-efficient than standard electric baseboard heating, and the QMark HBB 1254 can effectively regulate the temperature in midsize rooms. It produces long-lasting heat evenly throughout a room. It also has a long warranty for a hydronic heater, which is reassuring when you make a big purchase.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Dimensions & Wiring

Width (inches)
Height (inches)
Depth (inches)
120-Volt Compatible
240-Volt Compatible
Additional Width Models Available


Heating Type
Best Room Size (sq. ft.)
Maximum Wattage
Internal Thermostat Included

Warranty & Support

10 Years
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