The Chronomite SR-20L/240 HTR is a low-flow electric tankless water heater. It is 9.6 inches long and weighs 4.4 pounds.

This Chronomite water heater is not only lightweight but also meant for horizontal installation. It can only power low-flow shower faucets and is most suited as an under-sink water heater. The heater can also supply hot water to showers and bathrooms located far from bigger water heaters. The Chronomite is small and simple to install. This low-cost installation requires simply mounting it on a wall and connecting it to water and electricity supplies.

Chronomite provides optional stainless steel housing for the tankless water heater. This keeps it protected when you install it in damp locations such as underneath a sink. At the bottom of the unit are two mounted compression fittings made of chrome. These are 3/8-inch cold water inlet and hot water outlet connections. There is also a knockout rear electric connector.

Though small and portable, the heater requires 240 volts of electricity. You need to run a dedicated 240-volt outlet that can also deliver 20 amps of electricity to the water heater. These figures mean that the unit has an electric power requirement of 4,800 watts, which is even more than some full-sized electric tankless water heaters consume, such as the EcoSmart ECO 27. On the other hand, this Chronomite heater handles small volumes of water and does not run as long. Its overall electricity consumption is still small enough to make it energy-efficient.

The Chronomite turns out warm water within two seconds of you turning it on. This is three times less than the time required for the average tankless water heater to produce hot water. This water heater also uses a microprocessor to regulate its electricity consumption and water output temperature. In this way, it provides a steady supply of on-demand hot water at the temperature you preset.

This water heater also has a low activation flow rate of 0.35 gpm. However, it can only raise water temperature by 33 degrees Fahrenheit at its peak flow rate of 1 gpm. With an 82-degree temperature raise, the flow rate dwindles to 0.4 gpm. The Chronomite mostly produces warm water and has a low flow rate. Cranking it up to produce hot water may lead to interrupted water flow.

The Chronomite SR-20L/240 HTR is an under-sink, low-flow electric tankless water heater. While installing it is simple, you need to make significant provisions for its 240-volt requirement. It has a very low flow rate when you want really hot water from it.

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