The Marey Power Gas 5L LPG is an indoor propane-powered tankless water heater. It weighs only 11 pounds and is just 4.7 inches thick. The Power Gas 5L LPG is a portable water heater with a space-saving design. On its front panel are three dials. One controls water temperature; the others control gas flow. For gas and water input and output, the heater uses 0.5-inch NPT connections. It has a flue duct for exhaust discharge and uses a Type B double wall vent.

Although this Marey tankless water heater has an electric ignition, you do not have to plug it into a wall outlet. It only requires an electric pulse to ignite it, and the required electric power is supplied by two D-cell batteries. You can use the Power Gas 5L LPG to supply hot water to cabins located off the grid. To keep its electric ignition system safe from the gas flow, the heater has a number of safety features, including automatic ignition and anti-dry combustion, as well as overpressure, overheating and flameout protection that automatically cut off the unit.

This Marey water heater has a heat loss rate of 34,614 Btu per hour, which is much lower than the maximum for most gas-powered water heaters. It requires a minimum water pressure of 10 psi to activate. Once running, it can deliver hot water flow rates ranging from 0.5 to 2 gpm. Its maximum flow rate is low, and the heater can only supply hot water to a single low-flow showerhead or faucet, similar to, though not as capable as the Rheem RTE 13.

With the maximum flow rate achieved with only a 35-degree Fahrenheit rise in water temperature, it is unlikely that this tankless water heater can supply hot water in cold climates. It also lacks antifreeze protection to keep it working during winter. Furthermore, the Power Gas 5L LPG can only heat water up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit, much lower than the 140 degrees and above produced by most gas-powered water heaters.

Marey rates the energy efficiency of the Power Gas 5L LPG to vary between 54 and 87 percent. This is a wide range, and even the upper limit is low for a gas tankless water heater. While this water heater can help you save on electricity and water, its gas consumption and heat generation are not as efficient.

The Marey Power Gas 5L LPG is a small, portable gas tankless water heater for single-bathroom homes located in warm climates. Its standout feature is using batteries to power its ignition system. Its hot water flow rate, maximum temperature and Btu figures are low.

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