Pros / This microwave egg cooker works quickly.

Cons / It did not yield hard-cooked eggs in our tests.

 Verdict / You no doubt can experiment with this egg cooker if you want hard-cooked eggs, but this does a good job with the softer-cooked variety, and you get the benefit of BPA-plastic and convenience of microwave cooking.

The Nordic Ware Egg Boiler lets you prepare soft- and hard-boiled eggs in your microwave in a compact, egg-shaped kitchen accessory. This egg cooker is dishwasher safe, so cleanup is simple. That said, we had less than stellar success making hard-cooked eggs with this kitchen appliance. After adding the water and putting four eggs into the slots, we cooked the eggs in a microwave oven and followed the instructions carefully.

The result of our cooking? Yolks with soft-cooked centers with a touch of medium-cooked yolk around the outside of the entire yolk. The whites were firm. If you like a somewhat soft and runny yolk, this isn’t a problem. We tried a second batch, again following the scant instructions in the tiny instruction booklet, and got the same thing. They tasted fine, but the eggs weren't cooked all the way through.

This is unfortunate since so many people who don't have conventional cooking facilities do have microwave ovens and would no doubt welcome eggs you can cook in a mere eight minutes. If you buy a Nordic Ware Microwave Egg Boiler, you'll need to experiment with cooking times if you like egg yolks cooked more completely. On a happier note, there's no need to experiment with water levels since the instructions tell you to put 1.5 cups of water into the bottom of his fun egg-shaped device, so there's no risk of too much water evaporating and burning the eggs.

The Nordic egg cooker is made of BPA- and melamine-free plastic, with an aluminum rack inside to hold the eggs. The cooker holds up to four eggs at a time. This cooker is produced within the USA, where Nordic closely monitors the materials and processes used. Its practices during production ensure that the cooker leaves as miniscule an eco-footprint as possible.

This device has no electronic components, since it heats while inside the microwave. Once the lid is in place, no metal is exposed during heating.

Weighing in at approximately a half-pound, this hard-boiled egg cooker measures 5.2 inches wide and 6 inches high, making it compact enough to store easily. The lightweight design also makes it easy to take along with you to work or during travel, and it would be a boon to anyone living in a dormitory. For more thoroughly cooked eggs, take a look at the electric Dash Rapid Egg Cooker.

There is no need to pierce the shell, thanks to the grooves of the perforated shelf in the cooker. You don't need hot water either to prepare eggs due to the layout of this simple machine's interior. When it's time to clean this gadget, you can place everything in the dishwasher. Nordic Ware also backs this egg cooker with a remarkably long five-year guarantee, which is unheard of in the egg cooker world.

  • Overall Peformance
  • No Water Mess or Dripping
  • Thorough Cooking Results
  1. We evaluated the appearance, texture and taste of the eggs each machine cooked.
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  2. 7  Nordic Ware
    60.0 %
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    80.14 %
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