Pros / This ice cream maker comes with a beautiful 12-recipe booklet.

Cons / It takes a long time to make ice cream.

 Verdict / The Gourmia GSI170 looks good, but the poorly designed bowl significantly slows down the ice cream making process.

The sleek Gourmia GSI170 is a beautiful ice cream maker to look at, but we found its timer system confusing during our tests. The machine didn't get the cream mixture anywhere near a hard consistency, and it costs much more than it is worth.

This electric ice cream maker has a 1.5-quart freezer bowl. Gourmia states that the machine can make ice cream in half an hour or less, but when we tested it, the cream never got close to a frozen consistency.

We followed the directions in the user manual. In preparation, we left the freezer bowl in a -2 degree Fahrenheit freezer for over 24 hours. After combining the ice cream ingredients in a mixing bowl, we let them chill in the fridge for eight hours, well over the minimum two hours. With the mixing paddle spinning, we poured the chilled mixture into the freezer bowl.

Although the manual says you only need to run the machine for 30 minutes at most. However, we ran it for 40 minutes in each test because the cream mixture never even got close to leaving its soupy state.

The included recipe book says all the recipes need to be placed in the freezer for four to six hours after churning, and the recipes we made had to sit in our freezer for six hours before the cream was no longer soupy. With most other machines, the ice cream only needs to be in the freezer for an hour to reach a hard consistency. It will likely take at least four and half hours to make a frozen treat each time you use this Gourmia maker. The Cuisinart ICE-21 makes ice cream much quicker.

Unlike other products we tested, this ice cream maker comes with a digital timer, which theoretically should make the process easier. Unfortunately, you can only set the timer between 20 and 40 minutes. So, if you only want to run the machine an additional five minutes, you need to use a different timer. This built-in timer might be useful for some people, but its limitations are rather frustrating.

This ice cream maker has a stainless steel exterior that looks good and is easy to clean. The removable parts must be washed by hand, but fortunately, it takes only about five minutes.

This ice cream maker is covered by an industry-standard one-year warranty. It comes with a recipe book that is packed with sumptuous desserts, and it features high-resolution images of each creation. However, to our disgust, the photo of the strawberry shortcake ice cream recipe plainly features a long dark hair winding its way around the treat.

The Gourmia GSI170 is the most attractive ice cream maker we reviewed, but the machine’s output doesn't match its fine looks. The timer's limitations are frustrating, and despite what the company claims, it takes longer to make ice cream than with the other machines. All in all, it is little more than a cooling mixer and can hardly be called an ice cream maker. When you use this machine, the real ice cream making happens in your freezer.

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  2. 9  Gourmia 1.5 Quart
    1.5 Quarts
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