Pros / This juicer will not start unless the locking arm is securely clicked into position, which is a great safety feature.

Cons / This juicer produces a large amount of pulp, which means some juice remains in the pulp and is wasted.

 Verdict / This is a useful but imperfect juicer that works reliably and comes with a 700 ml (23.6 ounce) pitcher, but it is the loudest one we tested and it produces a great deal of pulp.

The Juiceman JM400 is a reasonably well-functioning juicer that can certainly create healthy juices. It offers a smart safety locking device but does require a bit of work to get your juice, and in the end, you have more pulp on hand than you probably bargained for.

This juicer is easy to use, produces less froth than some machines and comes with a well-designed froth separator. If you choose, you don’t have to strain your juice after you make it unless you really want to do so.

In our testing, we had good luck with leafy greens. We ran into a bit more difficulty with an apple, which got stuck on the plastic fin inside the feeding tube. It needed to be removed and cut in half before it could fit through the tube. However, the machine was easy to clean and we didn’t have to contend with any leaks or splatters, due primarily to the excellent design of the section of the juicer that covers the grate and the container.

Getting juice out of hard produce took a little effort on our part. Some good quality juicers can handle veggies like whole beets with ease, but the Juiceman took some muscle. We had to press hard on the pusher while juicing the beets. However, the juice turned out beautifully with no leakage or pulp spray anywhere. There were a few pulp flecks on the counter from removing the pusher from the tube and adding more produce, but that’s common with juicers.

However, the fin inside the tube once again presented some trouble. Some pulp got stuck behind it that we needed to clear away. In the case of this juicer, the fin is a separate piece of plastic on a hinge, rather than an integral part of the tube, which probably contributed to the food sticking. In addition, some pulp stuck to the machine’s filter; it was hard to get the bowl out of this machine and pulp stuck to the rim of the bowl.

This juicer machine is equipped with a relatively small pitcher (23.6 ounces) that fits snugly against the machine since it is part of the appliance’s design. The lid includes a froth separator, so this spares you from having to strain the juice the machine produces since it will already be strained by the separator before it enters the pitchers. Although this makes a compact and sensible design, the somewhat small size of the pitcher can be a hassle since it fills up quickly. It would be nice if the pitcher were bigger and could hold more liquid.

This is the noisiest machine we tested, coming in at 93dB. You can find a quieter model in the Cuisinart Juice Extractor CJE-1000 if noise is an important consideration for you when choosing a juicer.

For customer support, you can call the company and you do get a two-year warranty, which is a good deal in the world of juicers. There is no company email contact.

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  • Juice Yield
  • Noise Level
  • Average Clean Time
  • Warranty
  • Average Assembly Time
  1. The quantity of juice, in ounces, from each unit using the same recipe.
    More is Better.
  2. 5  Juiceman
    0.95 ounces
  3. 0.91 ounces
  4. 0.94 ounces
  5. 0.95 ounces
  6. Category Average
    0.92 ounces


The Juiceman JM400 did its job well, although we had to muscle some hard produce through the feeding tube. Cleanup was easy, the removable parts are dishwasher safe and you get a handy cleaning brush with this juicer. The primary drawback is that you end up wasting a fair amount of juice that is left in the rather substantial amounts of pulp that this juicer produces, but overall it does a pretty good job.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Juicing Capabilities

Standout Feature
Best Safety Features
Juicing Yield
Green Lemonade
Hard Produce
Soft Produce
Level of Remaining Pulp
Slice Test

Prep & Cleanup

Average Clean Time (minutes)
Average Assembly Time (seconds)
Number of Parts
Dishwasher Safe
Cleaning Brush Included


Noise Level (dB)
Juicer Size
Cord Length
3' 2 1/2"
Included Pitcher Size (mL)
Froth Separator
Non-slip Base
Height x Width x Depth (inches)
15.5 x 12 x 8

Help & Support

2 Years