Pros / This machine performed better than any other in our almond milk tests.

Cons / Getting juice from this machine requires a lot of patience and straining, and you will probably get dirty.

 Verdict / The Nutri Ninja is a powerful blender with limited juicing capabilities. It’s designed for stability and easy cleanup, but you’ll have to work to get the juice you want.

The Nutri Ninja is a compact juicer with a lot of power that blends juice faster than any other juicer in our reviews. However, it is messy and creates a lot of froth and pulp. Straining is essential with this model, unless you like juice that is mostly froth. In fact, this machine is more of a blender than a juicer. While it is fast, you still have to have patience and do a little extra work before your juice is ready to drink.

Since this machine and another one in our review, the NutriBullet, act more like blenders than juicers, they didn’t perform very well in our juicing capabilities tests. The Nutri Ninja got the lowest scores for hard and soft produce of any juicer in our review, but it did better in the green lemonade and juicing yield tests. In the apple test, the Nutri Ninja hacked away at the apple and got stuck for a minute or two, but it eventually blended the whole apple. We had to divide the apple into eight pieces to get it to blend effectively. When it was done, the consistency was more like applesauce than juice. If you want more all-around juicing benefits from a reasonably priced juicer, try the VonShef 990W Max.

In the soft produce tests, this juicer did a decent job of blending the romaine lettuce, and the spinach was nicely blended with the rest of the ingredients, which didn’t always happen with other juicers. This blender is so small we had to blend the ingredients in sections, because it couldn’t handle the entire recipe at once. Be careful not to fill the container past the max fill line, which creates a huge mess. Fortunately, this blender cleaned up easier and faster than any of the other juicers.

For juices, this blender performed best in the green lemonade test, which involved mixing lemons, cucumbers, apples and spinach together. While we extracted a decent amount of juice in this test, the yield was still well behind other juicers in our review. It did outperform the other blender in this test, however. In all of the hard and soft produce tests, this blender produced a high volume of pulp and froth. It's necessary to strain it, and it produces a minimal amount of juice.

The one test this juicer excelled in was the almond milk test. We didn't grade any juicers on the almond milk test, since they aren’t designed for that. We just wanted to see how well they would perform on something they weren’t specifically designed for. The juicers generally didn’t do a great job on this test, but the Ninja blender performed contrastingly well. It didn’t leak as the juicers tended to do, so there was no cleanup necessary around it.

We blended the water and almonds, then strained them to separate the pulp from the fluid. With the Ninja blender, it actually looked like milk instead of the vanilla-tinted water most of the juicers produced. The Nutri Ninja chopped the almonds into tiny bits and performed better on this test than any other machine. We got 18.4 ounces of milk and only 4.4 ounces of pulp.

One nice design feature of this blender is it sticks to the counter with suction cups instead of the rubber feet that most of the machines have. This makes it super secure, and you don’t have to worry about the cup coming loose and spraying all over. Customer support is available via text and email. This machine comes with a one-year warranty, which is standard.

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    More is Better.
  2. 9  Nutri Ninja
    0.75 ounces
  3. 0.91 ounces
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  5. 0.95 ounces
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    0.92 ounces


The Nutri Ninja is a powerful blender that finely blends produce in seconds, but it takes extra time and effort to extract juice. It is designed for stability, with suction cups instead of rubber feet, and is very easy to clean when you finish using it. It performed extremely well in our almond milk tests, but not nearly as well in the hard and soft produce juice tests.

Nutri Ninja BL480D Visit Site

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14.5 x 6 x 7

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1 Year