Pros / This compact machine takes up very little counterspace.

Cons / It’s difficult to strain juice from the pulp made by the NutriBullet.

 Verdict / The NutriBullet's small size and convenient features make it a sensible choice for a one- or two-user household. It is best suited for simple drinks like smoothies, but complex juice blends take a lot of work and produce too much pulp.

The NutriBullet is a compact, blender-style juicer that offers a convenient way to make juice and smoothies on a small scale. Although it is not the best choice for a big family, it can easily provide juice for one or two people in minutes. While this juicer is little, its noise levels are pretty high. We recorded 91 decibels during most of the time we were testing, making it one of the noisier juicers in our reviews.

This juicer did not perform particularly well in our tests. The NutriBullet doesn't have the parts to efficiently make juice from the ingredients we assembled, made of a variety of fruits and vegetables. It takes a long time to strain juice from the pulp made by this machine.

This is, however, quieter and more compact than the Nutri Ninja and comes with a longer cord. While the cup is dishwasher safe, the blade attachment is not, so you will still need to wash it by hand.

This juicer is very easy to use. The machine starts blending the moment you press down on the cup – there are no buttons or switches. This makes blending fast and convenient. The cup does lock into place but it doesn't have to be locked for the blender to work. You just need to press it down to activate it. You fasten the blade onto a NutriBullet cup filled with produce, put it on the base to blend, and then drink your juice out of the same cup.

This juicer breaks down fruits and vegetables without extracting pulp, and that makes very thick juice, which is not for everyone. You could strain the juice afterward or get used to the pulp. There are, of course, health benefits to drinking the pulp. When we tried to strain the juice out of the pulp, there wasn’t a lot of pure juice. For the kind of juice we tested you would almost be better off drinking the froth and pulp rather than trying to strain it. If you want more general juicing options from a juicer, try the VonShef 990W Max.

Even though the daily setup and cleanup are relatively easy with the NutriBullet, the produce preparation times are long compared to those of other juicers. That's because the largest cup is only 24 ounces, meaning you have to cut up your fruits and vegetables more than you do with other juice makers. In our tests, we had to blend the ingredients in sections because we couldn’t fit them all in one cup.

While other units can gobble up whole apples, you will be cutting and chopping much more with the NutriBullet. In our apple test we were ultimately able to get an entire apple ground up, but it took a long time and came out more like apple shreds. When we poured it into a strainer we got very little juice.

Like the Nutri Ninja, this juice blender performed well in our almond milk test, however. It actually looked like milk, unlike the watery substance most of the juicers produced. When we strained the pulp out we had 17.6 ounces of milk and only 7.5 ounces of pulp. The milk did leak into the base during this test, however, so it wasn’t as clean as the Nutri Ninja.

This blender-style juicing machine has some nice design features. The cups come with lids that screw on and can be used to store juice in the fridge. This juicer is convenient in other ways, too. It's the smallest juicer we tried, which is a big benefit if you prefer an uncluttered countertop or have limited space. Despite its compact size it is sturdy and not easy to knock over. This juicer also functions as a smoothie maker for frozen treats, and it can handle some other food processing tasks as well. For instance, it’s good for chopping and blending fruit and nuts. In fact, this juicer is much better suited for drinks like smoothies and almond milk than more complex juice blends.

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  2. 7  NutriBullet Juicer
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The NutriBullet is a compact, convenient blender-style juicer that is great for simple juice blends. It didn’t perform very well in our tests because of the amount and types of fruit and vegetables we blended. The results were very pulpy and the machine only produces small quantities of juice at a time. There are many advantages to using the NutriBullet. It’s small and easy to assemble, use and clean up. To use it you simply press down on the top and it blends. Because of its convenient features you may decide to use it every day, as long as you’re only making smoothies for one or two people.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Juicing Capabilities

Standout Feature
Fastest Blender
Juicing Score
Hard Produce
Soft Produce
Level of Remaining Pulp
Slice Test

Prep & Cleanup

Average Clean Time (minutes)
Average Assembly Time (seconds)
Number of Parts
Dishwasher Safe
Cleaning Brush Included


Noise Level (dB)
Juicer Size
Cord Length
3' 6"
Included Pitcher Size (mL)
Froth Separator
Non-slip Base
Height x Width x Depth (inches)
14 x 5.5 x 5.5

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1 Year