The Whirlpool 36-inch Retractable Downdraft System is a stainless steel range hood with a sturdy, modern design. This unit helps remove steam, smoke and grease from your kitchen.

As a retractable downdraft range hood, it pulls air down and away from the cooktop, and you can install it directly behind a traditional stove or alongside a kitchen island. The system will remain flush with the surface of the stove until needed. It can then rise to 14 inches for the optimal removal of smoke and steam.

The retraction function is enabled with convenient touch activation. You simply retract the device when it's not in use to free up cabinet space above the stove. An automatic shut-off switch powers the fan down as soon as it's retracted, and the variable speed control allows you to adjust it to how much venting you need at the time. The unit has a stainless steel finish to match the modern design elements of most kitchens.

The centrifugal fan pulls odor and smoke out of the air at a rate of 600 CFM. This fan has four different operating speeds. You can remove the aluminum mesh grease filters and put them in the dishwasher for maintenance. Whirlpool provides a one-year warranty period for this product. The assembled dimensions are 29 x 36 x 12.125 inches.

Because the fan is powerful, it may be a bit loud on its highest setting. This venting system can terminate either in the wall or the floor. When installing any ventilated range hood, you should consult a licensed HVAC contractor to determine what, if any, additional makeup air requirements are needed for your area.

This type of hood system stays in close proximity to your cooking surface, which can lead to problems. If, for example, something spills on the stove, the liquid could damage the internal fan. It may also misdirect some of the flames of a gas stove when the fan is operating on its highest setting.

The Whirlpool 36-inch Retractable Downdraft System has a 600 CFM fan to pull air down and away from the surface. This fan may interfere with gas burning stoves when set in high mode. The device powers down automatically when retracted, and the filters can be maintained and cleaned.

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