The Whirlpool Glass Island Kitchen Hood is a stylish and modern hood to install over an island cooktop. This ducted island range hood has a wide array of modern features, and the glass canopy and stainless steel chimney give it a modern design.

Its LED task lighting system automatically turns on when your kitchen lights are turned off. This creates an automatic nightlight for your home. LEDs also operate at a higher efficiency than halogen or even fluorescent lights, and they last quite a bit longer as well. The internal fan circulates air at 400 CFM and has three adjustable speeds. If the optional Quiet Partner kit is installed in the attic, it reduces the fan noise to even lower than its standard 62 dB level.

The hood's venting technology focuses on specific cooking zones while in operation. This can also be installed as a recirculating, or non-vented, hood, but you must purchase the recirculation kit separately.

The removable aluminum grease filter is washable for convenient maintenance. If it's non-ducted, you can get replacement charcoal filters from the manufacturer. A six-month replacement cycle for the filters is recommended. The overall dimensions are 36 x 25 3/16 x 33 1/4 inches. You should read the location requirements provided in the owner's manual prior to purchase to ensure that your kitchen specs are appropriate for this appliance. A stainless steel range hood needs to extend at least 3 inches on either side of the stovetop to be effective. Note also that the venting system must terminate outdoors, and not just into the ceiling or attic.

You should consult a licensed HVAC contractor to confirm your local makeup air requirements prior to installation. In case your home ceiling is higher than 9 feet, a chimney extension kit is available from Whirlpool. The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty period to give you security.

The Whirlpool Glass Island Kitchen Hood is designed for a modern kitchen. The automatic LEDs kick on when the kitchen lights go off. The glass canopy reduces smoke and also provides a flash of style. The hood can be completely ducted outdoors or used as a recirculating vent. If you use the latter option, you can purchase a recirculation kit from the manufacturer.

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