The ZLine 36-inch Outdoor Wall Mounted Range Hood comes in a number of sizes for different applications. Fabricated with sturdy brushed steel, it is appropriate for the outdoor chef and even some commercial cooking environments.

The 36-inch hood satisfies most outdoor cooking situations. Mounted to the wall, it has a high-performance motor that pushes out air at one of four different speeds. You can adjust its fan to 280, 460, 670 or even 1,200 CFM. This type of fan can rid your cooking space of smoke, which is common in outdoor grilling as well as indoor cooking.

The dual-directional lights can accommodate 3-watt LED bulbs or 20-watt halogens. It is constructed of heavy, 19-gauge brushed stainless steel. The overall dimensions of the 36-inch model are 36 x 16 x 27.5 inches. The stainless steel baffle filters are removable and dishwasher safe so you can clean them quickly. Two 16-inch chimney stacks are included in the package.

While this range hood is rated for outdoor use, it is also appropriate for a large stove that puts off a high number of Btu. The 36-inch hood is wide enough to accommodate most six-burner stoves, though you'll still need to consult the manual for dimension and installation guidance, though the manual does not differentiate between indoor and outdoor installation, which could lead to some issues outdoors. In the case of either indoor or outdoor installation, it is recommended to enlist the services of both a licensed electrician and HVAC contractor.

ZLine provides a three-year limited warranty for this range hood. It does not indicate in the product manual or the website what weather conditions the hood can withstand when installed outdoors. It's advisable to set up your outdoor cooking stove or grill on a partially covered area on a patio. This hood is well suited for an outdoor or open-air kitchen.

The ZLine 36-inch Wall Mounted Range Hood is rated for outdoor use as well as indoor, and you can use it for large stoves with high Btu outputs. It is constructed of heavy-gauge steel and has an internal fan that blows at a rate of 1,200 CFM on its highest setting. You can use either halogen or efficient LED bulbs in the provided housing and also adjust the direction of the lights.

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