Pros / The hinged locks and rubber seal make it easy to transport without spilling.

Cons / The warranty only lasts one year.

 Verdict / The Crock-Pot SCCPVL610 is a powerful slow cooker that keeps your food warm once it’s done cooking. The anti-spill locking lid and rubber seal make it a perfect slow cooker for parties and events.

The Crock-Pot SCCPVL610 is an inexpensive slow cooker that provides you with six quarts of space, so you can create meals for large groups. The lid has locking clamps and a rubber seal running around the inside to prevent moisture from escaping. This also makes it a good slow cooker to bring to tailgating parties or other activities that require transportation since the food is much less likely to spill on the ride over. 

This slow cooker performed very well in our beef stew test, with the meat being firm yet tender with plenty of flavor in the accompanying vegetables. Taste testers did note that, compared to other slow cooker batches, the broth was a little lacking, being rather oily with less flavor from the beef and veggies. Whether this was due to our specific cuts of meat or the actual performance of the slow cooker is unclear.

In our evaporation test, this device only lost 6 percent of water when running on high for 4 hours and 5 percent when running on low for 4 hours. These were some of the best results, which means that your food isn't likely to get dried out during cooking.

When on the high setting for 4 hours, we measured the internal and external temperature of the device. The boiling inner liquids reached 195 degrees Fahrenheit, which will help your food reach its doneness level relatively quickly for a slow cooker. For the exterior, we measured both the front of the device just above the digital display as well as the sides of the unit just below the handles. Above the timer, the device measured 100 degrees while the sides measured 95 degrees. This was much cooler than any other device in our comparison, which means this device's surface is much less likely to burn you or any little hands in your kitchen.

You will find 10 recipes in the accompanying slow cooker instruction manual to help inspire you and get you cooking. Should you lose your manual, you can find it on Crock-Pot's website.

This unit did not come with any additional accessories like a temperature probe or meat rack.

We weighed this device at 11.9 pounds when there was nothing inside the ceramic bowl, which makes it neither the heaviest nor the lightest of the six-quart slow cookers we tested. We also measured the length of the cord as 25.25 inches, which is two and a half inches shorter than the longest cord we measured but should give you plenty of space to reach your outlets.

You can set the timer on this six-quart pot anywhere from 30 minutes to 20 hours in 30-minute increments. In our testing, there was no beeping to indicate that the food had reached the six-hour timer, so you will need to keep an eye on the digital display to know when the food will be done or set an alarm on your phone or oven if you need an audible alert.

A feature we really liked was that this device automatically switched to the warm setting once the timer had ended. In comparison, most manual setting slow cookers do not offer an automatic warm feature and require you to turn to the warming setting yourself.

The side handles were just a little warm during cooking but plenty cool enough for you to lift and move. Crock-Pot covers this device with a one-year warranty, which is standard for the company but not as good as other slow cooker coverage. We preferred this device's locking clamps to the Hamilton Beach Set N' Forget, since they weren't hot during cooking and were easier to remove. Alos, when you are done cooking, you can place both the stoneware and the lid in the dishwasher instead of hand washing them.

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