Pros / It has the longest warranty of any slow cooker we tested.

Cons / The lid handle gets super hot while cooking.

 Verdict / This large eight-quart slow cooker is a good choice for anyone that will be using it frequently like for large families or dinner parties as it produce's excellent results but it covered by a five-year warranty.

The Hamilton Beach 33182 offers eight quarts of space, making it a great choice for large families or individuals who like to throw frequent dinner parties. It is covered by the best warranty of any slow cooker we've tested, making it an ideal choice for anyone who plans to use this device weekly or at least monthly.

This device stood apart from other amongst our taste testers who found the beef tender and the vegetables and broth of the stew very flavorful. One taste tester stated that the flavor continued to deepen as you ate, which was something he hadn't experienced from other devices. Whether this amazing cooking experience was due to the state of the ingredients or to the slow cooker itself is unclear.

In our evaporation tests, this device lost a whopping 22% of water after running on high for four hours and reaching a temperature of 195 degrees. This was the most water loss of any device we tested with the next closet water loss being 16%. When run on low for four hours, this device lost only 8%, which is neither high nor low. Since it did lose so much water when running on high, you will want to make sure you place enough liquid inside to prevent your food from becoming dry and chewy.

Even though this was the largest capacity slow cooker we tested, it wasn't the heaviest. It weighs 12.1 pounds, which is to be expected for an eight-quart slow cooker. Hamilton Beach covers this basic slow cooker with a five-year warranty so you can rest easy knowing that your device is covered for a few years longer than most others. It also happens to be the most powerful device running on 375 watts, while the next most powerful one runs on 320 watts. When you are done cooking, both the lid and the bowl can be placed inside a dishwasher to save you some cleanup time.

This is a basic unit, so it doesn't come with any accessories, nor is there a timer or digital display. There is a warm setting, but you will need to manually switch to it when your food is done cooking. If you'd prefer a slow cooker that offers a digital display and automatically switches to warm you might be interested in BELLA 13973W. No recipes accompany this Hamilton Beach slow cooker so you will need to find your own to get you started. Thank goodness for the internet! The cord is 26 inches long, which is longer than the average 25 inches so it might be able to help you reach an outlet easier. We were surprised to find a built-in cord storage area on the back of the slow cooker, which made it easier for us to save room on our counter when it wasn't in use.

The Hamilton Beach 33182 eight-quart slow cooker is the perfect device for anyone who frequently hosts large dinner parties or who has a large family. It is dependable and is guaranteed to work for five years from the time of purchase. Since it does lose a decent amount of moisture during the cooking process, you will want to make sure you have plenty of liquids in the pot to prevent your food from drying out.

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