Pros / It has a wide temperature range.

Cons / It has the smallest water capacities of any immersion circulator we tested.

 Verdict / This device is inexpensive and can produce tasty meat dishes, but it comes at the cost of reducing the number of safety and convenience features.

The Gourmia Pod is a low-cost and stylish sous vide machine that's user friendly. Generally priced 25 to 35 percent cheaper than comparable machines, it’s a good entry level unit to purchase if you’re new to sous vide cooking. But you'll want to keep in mind that it doesn't offer nearly as many safety or convenience features as some similarly priced products.

Our taste testers told us that the steak turned out really well, but the chicken was rubberier and less flavorful than what other devices produced. Our tests found the Gourmia Pod heated up the water in a decent amount of time, but wasn't the fastest device to do so. We also discovered that it can be set from 32 degrees to 203 degrees, which gives you one of the widest temperature ranges to cook with.

The Gourmia Pod is a low-cost but stylish addition to the sous vide machine market. While most sous vide machines are offered only in one color, this unit is available in three – black, white, and bronze. This color option does not negatively affect its affordability, as it is one of the cheapest of the sous vide circulators now on the market. However, the low cost of this unit does affect the quality, especially when compared to other machines. For example, the steel bottom is unprotected, and it wouldn’t be difficult to burn your hand if you accidentally touch the heating rod when it’s turned on.

In addition to this safety concern, a narrow clip and low water level range limits the type of containers you can use this unit with. Rated for 3.5 gallons, its capacity is substantially less than the capacity of competing sous vide cookers that range from 5 to 10 gallons. This means you can’t cook as much food at one time.

Though the design may be lacking in some respects, its offers a simple interface and competitive functionality. We like that this machine has an intuitive interface. With a small screen and two buttons on the top, a rotating wheel on the side of the grip similar to the Anova, the settings of the Gourmia Pod are easily adjustable. It’s simple enough to use that you likely won’t even need to read the user manual in order to use this machine. One drawback of the display is that it's small and faces upward. This means you can’t check the temperature from afar as you can with larger, outward-facing displays like the Nomiku, since you’d need to walk to the machine and look from above.

This unit has a 1200-watt heating element, which is slightly higher than the standard 1100 watt. This higher wattage enables the Gourmia sous vide machine to heat water faster, a valuable component if you’re without access to hot tap water or in a rush to start cooking.

It is important to note that this unit is not Wi-Fi integrated, which in part accounts for its lesser cost. Many other sous vide machines have this convenient feature that allows the machine to be controlled remotely with an app. While the Gourmia Pod does not have this feature, this is only an issue if you’re planning to control the machine from an outside location. If you plan on only cooking at home, this missing feature will not be an issue for you.

The Gourmia Pod is a good entry-level sous vide machine due to its low cost and ease of use. The simple interface and three color options make it attractive among a growing number of competing products. However, it doesn't include Wi-Fi or Bluetooth compatibility nor does it offer as many safety features as other devices.

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