Pros / This device can heat over 10 gallons of water.

Cons / It is somewhat bulky.

 Verdict / The Wi-Fi Nomiku is an inexpensive sous vide machine that can help you prepare delicious meals with its simple app and online community.

The WiFi Nomiku sous vide machine bears a simple immersion design that effectively heats water for sous vide cooking. It is available both in white and black, and its large touchscreen and front facing clip allow for easy access. A dedicated app and Wi-Fi integration allow you to control the device remotely, as well as access community-created sous vide recipes. This device also happens to be one of the least expensive sous vide machines on the market and we found it easy to operate and use.

Performance & Heating

Standing at 12 inches tall, the WiFi Nomiku is slightly shorter than comparable sous vide machines. It’s also relatively bulkier. At a width of 4 inches and depth of 2.7 inches, this unit is nearly twice as thick as some other devices, which will make it harder to store. Though bulky, the external design is simple and attractive. Unlike most competing sous vide circulators, this unit is available in black and white. Both colors versions include a wide 2.4-inch touchscreen display, bordered by a green knob to adjust settings. The combination of this large display and a front-facing clip design make it especially easy to access the controls while it’s in use and to view the temperature from across the room. You can find this device available for around $200, which is less expensive than many other devices on the market.

This unit not only looks good, but we found that it performed well in both our chicken and steak tests. The meat wasn't as tender as the ChefSteps Joule, but it did create satisfactory results. With a 1,100-watt heating element, the WiFi Nomiku quickly heats water to the temperatures required for sous vide cooking. This includes an accuracy of ±0.2 degrees Fahrenheit and a range from 32 degrees F to 203 degrees F so you'll be able to cook your foods at the temperature you want. Any water container can be used with this unit, as it has a large water level range of 4 inches and a 10-gallon capacity, which is more capacity than most other sous vides we tested. This means that it can cook a number of dishes at once so you can feed a decent amount of people.

Convenience & Safety

When you are done cooking, you can remove the bottom half of the device and place it in a dishwasher for convenient cleaning. This Nomiku sous vide machine also comes with Wi-Fi integration, which allows the device to be controlled via Tender, its dedicated app. Tender is available for both iOS and Android so a wide audience can use it. Once connected, this app enables you to control the machine from anywhere from your smart device. You can select specific recipes from the Tender app and the Nomiku device will immediately set itself to the proper temperature and time. The app is also backed by a community of Nomiku users who share sous vide cooking recipes and results. The collection of recipes is continually growing, so there is always something new to try.

The WiFi Nomiku is a stylish option for sous vide cooking. While bulkier than other immersion machines, this device is both aesthetically pleasing and fully functional. Its community-supported app offers a trove of delicious and interesting sous vide recipes to help you get cooking quickly and easily.

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