Pros / It can work with up to 8 gallons of water.

Cons / This is the most expensive unit in our comparison.

 Verdict / This device produces impressive results, but the high price point coupled with the large water capacity makes it better suited for a professional setting rather than for the average home.

The PolyScience Chef is a professional-grade sous vide machine. Its high performing and reliable design enables it to excel at large-quantity cooking. Though expensive, it's one of the best options for professional chefs in search of an immersion circulator. On the flipside, this isn't a good option for the average home kitchen. It costs much more than other sous vides and the bulky size makes it difficult to store away in your cabinets or drawers.

During our testing, we determined that this device performed particularly well in our steak test, being finely flavored and textured without being soggy. Our taste testers were less enthusiastic about the outcome of the chicken test, which they found somewhat rubbery. But, the meat was still flavorful and scored decently overall. We found the interface easy to work with as well.

The PolyScience Chef is the BMW of sous vide machines. Designed and priced on the high end, its performance and features reflect its $750+ cost. With a top-end flow rate of 3.2 gallons per minute and an 8-gallon water capacity, this machine can easily cook large amounts of food. Though its 1100-watt heating element is no higher than other sous vide circulators, the high flow rate enables this machine to quickly heat water and maintain precise temperatures.

Although powerful and reliable, the body of this machine is one of the largest of its kind. Measuring 14 inches tall, 3.8 inches wide and 7.3 inches deep, it’s about the size of a brick or an 80s cell phone. The machine is not feather light, either. The Chef weighs a whopping 9.1 pounds, which is substantially heavier than the average 3 pounds of other sous vide circulators. This behemoth size won’t make much difference if you plan to keep the machine on your kitchen counter, but it may be inconvenient for the traveling chef.

Though it’s larger than most, it does come with other advantages over its lower-end competitors. The power cord is nearly double the length of other popular sous vide cookers, and the large, bright display can be seen from across the room, so you can make sure it's functioning properly even when working on something else. The flow rate is even adjustable with two settings, giving the option to reduce the noise. Plus, users report that this unit has worked effectively for multiple years of extended sous vide cooking.

While this unit is the top of the line, it does not have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. This feature, increasingly common in lower end machines like Anova, allows the sous vide machine to be controlled remotely with an app. Although it lacks this feature, it’s not likely a deal breaker for a professional chef who will use the machine on a job.

The PolyScience Chef is a great choice for a professional chef setting due to its superior quality and durability. This sous vide produces beautiful results and heats a large amount of water quickly. However, the expensive price makes this device far too expensive for the average buyer.

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