Pros / It provides consistent, even temperatures.

Cons / It doesn't have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

 Verdict / The Sansaire sous vide machine is one of the best devices on the market with its ability to heat water quickly and maintain temperatures but it’s lack of connectivity makes it less flexible for tech savvy cooks.

The Sansaire sous vide machine heats water to precise temperatures and its long, black cylindrical design can stand on its own without needing to be clamped to the edge of a pot. Though it’s not Wi-Fi compatible, the simple interface is easy to adjust and use. Most importantly, this unit creates some of the best dishes of any sous vide we tested.

Performance & Heating

In our testing, the Sansaire immersion circulator created extremely flavorful dishes, though our taste testers did state that the texture was a little rubbery compared to the Joule. Still, we found that it produced some of the best cooked meat of any device we tested. It was able to heat 2.5 gallons of water to 130 degrees in just 20 minutes and the same amount of water to 150 degrees in just 35 minutes, which makes it faster at heating than other machines. In comparison, it took the Anova 35 minutes to reach 130 degrees and 50 minutes to reach 150 degrees. A decent number of minutes longer to achieve the same temperatures.

Unfortunately, we discovered that this device doesn't offer Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity so we weren't able to test that aspect. However, there is a Sansaire app that you can use to find plenty of recipes on both an iOS or Android smart device. We found this app easy to navigate and use. You just can't control the device using the app. This unit can be purchased for around $200 dollars, which is on the lower side of the sous vide spectrum.

Cooking Specifications

The Sansaire is fairly large, and it has a dark, polished design. Looking like a tall pepper mill, this immersion unit measures 15 inches tall, 4 inches wide and 4 inches deep. The cylindrical shape and subtle black color make it an unobtrusive appliance that can be stored on a kitchen counter. However, its large size makes it difficult to store in a cabinet or drawer. Its bottom half is easy to remove and clean when needed so you don't risk damaging the rest of the device.

On the top of the unit is a simple three-button interface, while the screen displays the temperature in bright blue LED numbers that we found easy to read from across the room. The simplicity of this interface makes adjusting the settings relatively easy as you can change the temperature by turning the gray ring on top of the device.

With a heating element rated at 1100 watts, the Sansaire has a temperature range of 32 F to 212 F, and an accuracy of plus or minus 0.1 F so you'll definitely be able to cook at your preferred temperatures. It circulates at a rate of 3 gallons per minute and has a capacity of 6 gallons, which is pretty standard for sous vide circulators. This will allow you to create a decent number of meals at once instead of limiting you to smaller cooking options.

Convenience & Safety

In addition to its functionality, this unit also includes a safety measure that protects the unit from overheating and shuts the unit off if the water level gets too low. This is an important feature as it keeps the device from burning or melting anything it touches. It also has an adjustable, two-setting clamp that fits wider lipped containers so it will likely fit any container you choose. As stated previously, this unit is not Wi-Fi or Bluetooth compatible. Many sous vide machines have these connectivity options, allowing the device to be controlled through an app. While this feature is convenient, it is not a deal breaker. Since it is impossible to burn food with sous vide, this machine can be manually started and left on until you return. You won't need to worry about burning dinner while you focus on other tasks or simply relax. The machine is covered by a one-year warranty like the rest of the units we tested.

The Sansaire is a large but sleek sous vide machine. While this immersion circulator does not have Wi-Fi connectivity, its minimal design, fast water heating times, powerful cooking results and intuitive interface make it one of the top sous vide machines available on the market. It also happens to be one of the most economical immersion sous vides on the market.

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