Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our site because it has been discontinued. You can still read about it below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

The MSpa Super Camaro Inflatable Bubble Spa is a six-person inflatable hot tub that lets you set up your own spa wherever you please, indoors or out. With room for so many, it’s one of the largest inflatable hot tubs for sale.

The inflatable spa is made of thick PVC material, measuring 71 inches across and 28 inches high. It’s built for six people, and it has a fairly impressive 245-gallon capacity. The Super Camaro doesn’t just claim to seat six adults, it actually has six seat cushions built into the floor of the tub, and enough room that a full tub shouldn’t be too crowded for comfort.

Where many inflatable hot tubs have the combined pump and heater as an external unit, this MSpa inflatable hot tub has the unit built into the side of the hot tub. As is standard for portable hot tub designs, the pump and heater unit can be powered by a standard 110- to 120-volt power outlet, and it has a built-in power cord with a ground-fault circuit interrupt (GFCI) plug for safety. A raised digital control panel lets you adjust the temperature up to a maximum of 104 degrees Fahrenheit, and the panel also lets you control the spa’s 138 bubble jets.

The tub is covered with a zippered, foil-lined, faux-leather top cover, with a secondary inflatable tub lid designed for heat retention while warming the tub. There is also a combination lock that makes it simple to secure the cover long term. With the tough exterior cover protecting the PVC of the hot tub, there is no included ground mat.

The Super Camaro comes with one filter cartridge, a manometer (pressure gauge) for accurate inflation and air adjustments, a drainage hose adapter that lets you drain the tub through a standard garden hose, and an instructional DVD to walk you through setup and maintenance. MSpa covers the inflatable tub with a six-month warranty, and there is a 12-month warranty on the electrical parts.

With a spacious size and decent selection of features and accessories, the MSpa Super Camaro Inflatable Bubble Spa is a premium inflatable hot tub with comfortable seating for six, making it one of the largest we’ve looked at.

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