Calcana manufactures infrared outdoor heaters that can keep your patio warm on chilly nights or during the cold months. All the patio heaters sold by Calcana are mounted models, so you’ll need to have space on a wall or ceiling if you want to use them. Calcana outdoor heaters are a great deal more powerful than the other brands in our review – averaging between 40,000 and 75,000 Btu of warming power. They’re also able to withstand the elements, so you can leave them outside all year long and they’ll work whenever you switch them on. But they will cost you more than other models on our lineup, costing between $2,500 and $3,000 each. By comparison, the next most expensive patio heater we looked at is made by Infinita, which only costs $1,900.

Calcana infrared outdoor heaters are high-end models. And unlike most of the other patio heater brands in our review, this one only sells mounted models – there are no freestanding, tabletop or hanging models available. This isn’t a big problem, but since they are first-rate heaters, it’s highly recommended that you have an expert assemble and install them for you. Otherwise, you risk damaging the unit and your home and injuring yourself.

These infrared patio heaters have much more warming power than the other units we reviewed. Depending on the model you buy, you can expect anywhere from 40,000 to 75,000 Btu of heat to be generated when you turn it on. This is enough to heat an entire patio with ease. And each of the heaters sold by Calcana is certified to keep you warm when the temperature dips as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit. This means you can use your patio comfortably well into late fall and early winter.

Infrared outdoor heaters made by Calcana have a heavy-duty construction that can survive almost everything mother nature can throw at it. This means that you don’t have to worry about rain, snow, wind, extreme cold or heat damaging it. It might not be able to withstand a hurricane, but it can weather almost anything else.

The quality provided by Calcana comes at a price. Most of the other outdoor heaters we reviewed cost between $150 and $500. Calcana infrared heaters start at about $2,375 and can run up to more than $3,000 for the top-tier models. But they’re well worth the cost, if you can afford it.

Calcana infrared heaters are some of the best outdoor heaters you can buy. Their selection is limited to hanging models, so you need to look elsewhere if you want a standing or tabletop unit. Their power and heavy-duty construction make them well worth their expensive price tag.