Infinita sells a luxury line of outdoor patio heaters, but its selection is quite small – there are only three models. However, their stylish designs and powerful warming capacities make them some of the best patio heaters you can buy. The company’s fire pit models can add a touch of class and beauty to your patio, and its freestanding unit heats a larger area than any other patio heater we evaluated. Since they are luxury models, they cost more than average. Still, they’re not the most expensive outdoor heaters out there.

The stars of the show are Infinita’s fire pits. These aren’t your average wood burning fire pits – they’re large, beautiful centerpieces that add an element of refinement to your patio. The fire pits are made with solid concrete, put out enough heat to keep you and your guests warm, and uses eco-friendly ethanol for a fuel source.

Infinita only makes two fire pit models, and they’re both called the Zement Bauhaus Fire Pit. One is square with the fire pit and pebbles in the center, and the other is a rectangle with the fire element moved off to one side. Both do double duty as fire pits and coffee tables, so it’s easy to set up a small gathering around them. The pebbles in the fire sections retain heat and continue to warm the surrounding area even after you’ve turned off the flames.

The company’s freestanding patio heater is much like those you see at outdoor restaurants and bars. It has tall, pyramid shape and a torch flame that shoots directly up through a quartz glass tube in the center. The base is stainless steel and conceals the propane or natural gas tank, adding to the unit’s aesthetic. This patio heater also includes tilt-off and flame-off protection, electronic ignition, and a sturdy base. It should be noted that the freestanding heater sold by Infinita is manufactured by Lava Heat and is also featured in our review of that brand.

Infinita’s patio heaters combine utility and beauty, and they are some of the best outdoor heaters you can buy. The company’s freestanding model has incredible warming power, and its fire pits are a fine addition to any stylish patio. They are more expensive than other heaters, except those from Calcana, but they’re worth every dollar.

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