Lava Heat Italia sells dozens of handsome outdoor patio heaters that will not only keep you warm on chilly evenings, but also make your yard more attractive. You can choose from dozens of models including triangular, cylindrical and umbrella. The brand also offers heaters that use various types of power like propane, natural gas and electricity. Most of the heaters sold by Lava are freestanding models, although there are three tabletop models. There are no mounted or hanging heaters available from Lava Heat Italia. They are a bit more expensive than some of the other outdoor heaters in our review, but they’re well worth the extra cash considering their high quality.

Lava’s triangular and cylindrical patio heaters are very similar in power and function; the main difference is the shape they take. You can get triangular models 6 feet or 8 feet tall and cylindrical models in 6 or 7.5 feet. They’re all quite stylish, with a caged flame running up the middle surrounded by a Plexiglas tube. Lava patio heaters are fueled by propane or natural gas. Depending on the model you buy, these outdoor heaters put out between 42,000 and 56,000 Btu of warming energy. You can expect to heat an area of about 36 square feet surrounding the unit – which is about average among the outdoor heaters in our review.

The umbrella heaters sold by Lava resemble a street lamp in appearance – and they’re quite good looking. They provide concentrated warming directly under the umbrella portion of the heater. They put out approximately 32,000 Btu but have a massive warming area of 144 square feet, so you can stand about 16 feet away from this outdoor heater and still feel the warmth it creates.

There are only three tabletop heaters available from Lava. They’re all 3 feet tall and propane powered. These patio heaters are miniaturized versions of their triangular freestanding models. They draw about 11,000 Btu and only have a coverage radius of about 1 or 2 feet. These are great for heating a smaller area for outside meals or picnics, but you won’t want to use them for larger parties or other get-togethers.

Lava patio heaters are a bit more expensive than other brands in our review. You can expect to pay between $2,000 to over $3,000 for a freestanding unit and $300 to $450 for a tabletop model. Other outdoor heaters we encountered, like those made by Fire Sense, cost as little as $120 for a freestanding outdoor heater. However, the price difference can be justified by the higher quality materials used to construct the heaters and their superior warming power.

Lava Heat Italia’s outdoor heaters will add warmth and class to your patio and yard. You can choose from several types of styles and fuel types. You’ll pay a premium price, but the quality of the patio heaters more than warrants the extra cash.

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