Patio Comfort offers a small selection of residential outdoor heaters that can heat your yard, keeping you comfortable on nippy evenings. The different models have the same basic design; the primary difference between them is what kind of fuel they use. They all offer some great safety features and will start up reliably. They are a bit heavy, but nothing a couple of people can’t handle.

These outdoor heaters come in two options: natural gas or propane powered. These infrared outdoor heaters provide radiant heat that will warm a large area surrounding them. They’re all similar in style – decorative post with four choices of finish on the base. On average, they have an output of 40,000 Btu and will last about 10 hours on a full tank of propane – natural gas models will last as long as they’re hooked up to a fuel source. They also feature a tilt-shutoff protection feature, an electronic ignition and a portable wheel kit.

The design of these outdoor heaters is simple and elegant and should match any style of backyard patio, swimming pool or restaurant. It comes in stainless steel, antique bronze or silver. It also has the option for a vintage base with steel threads that open in a French door style instead of raising it vertically on the pole. These patio heaters stand about 90 inches high and have an ignition switch near the flame on top. It’s a very typical design among the patio heater brands in our review, like Fire Sense.

These patio heaters are quite portable. They have wheels below the base for easy moving, but they’re heavy compared to similar freestanding patio heaters. Since they are around 90 pounds, you may need to find a friend to help you move this unit. With a full propane tank, a freestanding patio heater can weigh well over 100 pounds. The good news is that this means solid, enforced steel and a patio heater that should last a long time. It is also less likely to tilt or fall, though there is an anti-tilt feature included for extra safety.

The best feature of these patio heaters is that they’re made for natural gas and propane tanks. This means they have a longer overall lifespan than electric heaters, though they also cost more. The electronic, match-free ignition means you only need to push the button once to start it and don’t have to worry about built-up gas in the shaft, avoiding the smell. If a part becomes faulty, the manufacturer also sells parts separately through its website.

The outdoor heaters sold by Patio Comfort are adequate for most heating needs. They’re simply designed and should complement any patio setup. You can get models that run on propane or natural gas. They have great safety features and will last about 10 hours on a full tank of fuel.

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