Solaira creates several lines of outdoor heaters that are very effective at warming your patio. They’re intended for commercial use, like outdoor bars and restaurants, but they’ll also work well in your home. These outdoor heaters are ideal for your patio and will keep you and your company warm on cool spring, summer and autumn evenings. When properly installed, they blend in seamlessly with your patio’s décor and won’t take up valuable floor space. They come in various models, each with their own unique designs and benefits.

The mounted heaters manufactured by Solaira come in four different series: ICR, Alpha, XL and Cosy. The ICR series heaters have a low clearance, so you can mount them as low as 4.5 feet above the ground. Of course, you probably want to place them higher than that so you get a wider heating radius. The Alpha series utilizes a module euro design which allows you to adjust the direction of the heat to warm the specific area you want. The XL series Aero is great for both heating and lighting, so your guests can stay warm and enjoy the soft illumination created by these units. And the Cosy series is a good choice if you need to mount your patio heater at a lower height, like on an awning or in a smaller space like in a gazebo. No matter what your needs are, there’s likely a Solaria outdoor heater that will suit your purpose.

If a mounted patio heater isn’t what you’re looking for, Solaria also sells a freestanding model. And they’re unlike any of the other freestanding patio heaters we encountered in our review. These outdoor heaters stand 7.5 feet tall. So, if you’re going to place them under a ceiling, make sure you have at least a 12-foot clearance for safety reasons. This outdoor heater is different from other freestanding heaters because it has three warming elements at the top of its pole, most freestanding heaters, like those from AZ Patio Heaters, only have one. The extra elements increase the number of people it can warm, but have a lower coverage area – only 29 square feet. Other patio heaters in our review warmed an area of 36 square feet or more.

Solaria makes several lines of mounted heaters and a single freestanding model. They’re designed for commercial use, but they will fit well in your home too. They provide strong warming strength that should keep you and your guests cozy on a cool evening.