Pros / Its included hose is the second longest in our comparison.

Cons / It requires a booster line to run.

 Verdict / With powerful features like front-wheel drive and an extra-large intake throat, the Kreepy Krauly Platinum can handle large debris in all major pool materials.

Pentair is a go-to brand for pool cleaning equipment, and its Kreepy Krauly line is a well-known for all varieties of automated pool cleaners. Pentair pressure pool cleaners are helpful maintenance tools for homeowners who need a lot of suction power from their pool vacuums. Ideal for pools with larger pieces of debris, the Platinum Cleaner can be attached to your pool’s booster pump, allowing you more time to relax and enjoy your free time.

The Kreepy Krauly Platinum is one of Pentair’s most powerful pressure pool cleaners, with a sturdy design and features for tough cleaning jobs. Its extra-large intake capacity makes it suitable for removing leaves, bugs and small branches. If you have a lot of foliage and landscaping in your yard, you may need a cleaner that can handle these types of items without clogging. It’s collection bag is larger than most, so it can handle larger cleaning jobs. Dual-thrust jets allow for faster cleaning times. Front-wheel drive gives the device more traction and control while skimming across the various surfaces of your pool. It has lightweight design, making it ideal to climb walls and stairs.

The Platinum is gentle enough for vinyl and fiberglass pool surfaces. It will typically clean your pool in one to three hours. The four-wheel design should help prevent tipping, which is common with older three-wheel models. Polaris cleaners, like the Vac-Sweep 280, are uniquely designed three-wheel pool cleaners that have more stability than other three-wheel models. Note that it must operate with the assistance of an external booster pump only. Ensure that you have both a booster pump and booster line installed prior to use. It cannot be used with above-ground pools.

As this line of cleaners is more powerful than pressure side suction cleaners, additional equipment is usually required. If you do not have an existing booster line and don’t wish to install one at this time, you may want to look into purchasing a smaller pressure cleaner. This is a more substantial investment than less powerful suction cleaners, but it also works more quickly. Booster pumps do use a bit more electricity. However, as the device is able to complete its cycle in three hours, as opposed to six to eight hours with smaller cleaners, and the usage difference may be a wash. If the cost seems prohibitive to you, consider a suction cleaner, which typically requires less of an upfront cost.

The Kreepy Krauly Platinum is designed to help suck large pieces of debris out of your pool automatically. It does require an external booster pump and is likely to require a little extra electricity than a suction cleaner.

  • Hose Length
  • Wheel Quantity
  1. The longer gives you more options.
    Longer is Better.
  2. 6  Kreepy Krauly Platinum
    33.0 Feet
  3. 30.0 Feet
  4. 31.0 Feet
  5. 40.0 Feet
  6. Category Average
    31.5 Feet
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