Pros / It uses an assembly of jets to loosen dirt and debris.

Cons / It is only built to handle silt and smaller debris.

 Verdict / Despite its limited size and cleaning capabilities, the Polaris Vac-Sweep 165 works well for small pools up to 8 feet deep.

The Polaris Vac-Sweep 165 is one of the smallest machines from Polaris, offering a cost-effective solution for the homeowner who wants the convenience and efficiency of a pressure cleaner without making only a modest investment.

This pressure pool cleaner is most appropriate for vinyl and fiberglass pool surfaces. Suitable for in-ground pools, the Polaris 165 attaches to your existing return line. The jet assembly sprays water against the surface of the pool and absorbs the loosened debris into its filter bag. It can easily clean pools up to 8 feet deep. The cleaner is small, allowing it to adapt to steep contours and uneven surfaces.

The Vac-Sweep 165 is one of few pressure pool cleaners that doesn’t require an additional booster pump to work. Additionally, Polaris makes a similar model, the 65, which can be utilized for above-ground pools. They are extremely similar in design, but the 165 can only be used for in-ground pools. The package includes 32 feet of return hose, which should be adequate for the average-size pool. You can typically expect the cleaner to do the job in three hours or less. Because pressure cleaners help circulate the water, even a model of this size should help reduce your overall maintenance time.

If you have a large pool, you may want to consider purchasing a more robust vacuum. Those with a concrete pool may want to consider upgrading to a more powerful cleaner as this model is suited to vinyl and fiberglass. A good economical option for concrete pools is the Poolvergnuegen PoolCleaner. The Vac-Sweep 165 is lightweight and may become tangled because of its long hose. Because this is a smaller vacuum, ensure that you regularly maintain your filter or the cleaner may back up during use. The cleaner does not have an external booster pump, so it may tend to get stuck or stay in one area of the pool. Expect to move it around manually once or twice during its vacuum cycle.

This pressure vacuum is a good value for the homeowner looking to support the maintenance of a small in-ground pool. It does not boast the power and the features of more expensive cleaners in the market. It is not powerful enough to clean the dirt out of concrete surfaces. It also may get stuck in corners of your pool during its cleaning cycle.

  • Hose Length
  • Wheel Quantity
  1. The longer gives you more options.
    Longer is Better.
  2. 8  Polaris Vac-Sweep 165
    32.0 Feet
  3. 30.0 Feet
  4. 31.0 Feet
  5. 40.0 Feet
  6. Category Average
    31.5 Feet
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