Pros / This is a very affordable light with adjustable settings and a motion sensor.

Cons / Multiple customer reviews complained that it can be difficult to adjust the sensitivity.

 Verdict / The LE Lighting 6500001-DW is decently bright and has a radius of 30 feet, but there are issues that result partly from its less-than-stellar construction.

The LE Lighting Motion Sensor Light is a solar powered light that is activated by motion sensor. You can mount it to a garage, a porch, a back door or any area where you want added security by way of a motion sensor light. A dial lets you adjust for sensitivity, light, time and direction.

Waterproof construction is an important feature of this 5.31-inch (w) x 4.33-inch (d) x 7.87-inch (h) outdoor solar light to ensure protection from the elements for continuous use.

The knobs on the light's underside let you adjust sensitivity, direction and duration. The bottom is on a pivot, so you can tilt it up to change the settings. However, you might want to charge the motion sensor and check the settings before mounting it because the knobs are small and will be more difficult to adjust once it is in place. The housing for this sensor is aluminum and polycarbonate plastic to protect it against the weather.

The LE Lighting model is similar in design and functionality to the Sunforce 81256. Each have motion sensors and light up the areas around your house using 60 tiny LEDs that have bright output, but this model is not nearly as bright as the Sunforce; the LE unit has 160 lumens to Sunforce’s 850. Unfortunately, customer reviews we read revealed the two lights also have similar drawbacks. Several customers complain of weatherproofing problems. The materials are durable but not of the highest quality, which may account for some of this. Some customers also complain that the adjustable light, motion and timer dials can be very sensitive, making them difficult to adjust.

This solar light turns on automatically when in motion-sensor mode. You can also set it to flood light mode, where it can run for a continuous four-hour period. Because the light is wireless, installation and maintenance and minimal. In addition, because the solar panel itself is on a spike, you can place it where it will get the most sun during the day within reach of the light itself. It stores energy during the daylight hours and provides light at night.

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The LE Lighting Motion Sensor Light is solar outdoor lighting that takes up a small amount of space and provides bright light for dark areas without the need for wiring or an electrical outlet. Adjustable settings let you choose the light's direction, the sensor sensitivity, the length of time you want it to operate, and use of the motion sensor versus continuous light. It’s an affordable solar light with some nice features, but some customers complained of problems with weatherproofing and oversensitive dial settings.

Contributing Reviewer: Noel Case

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