Pros / The Hitachi C7BMR has an impressive five-year warranty.

Cons / It doesn't remove sawdust buildup directly in front of the tool, which obscures visibility and is frustrating on longer cuts.

 Verdict / The Hitachi C7BMR is a powerful and capable circular saw that cuts well. Still, it’s missing enough design features, such as bevel stops, to keep it from competing with the best saws in our review.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been replaced by another product. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

The Hitachi C7BMR is a powerful circular saw that can cut through 2x material and plywood quickly and cleanly. However, it struggles to remove excess sawdust from the cutting area on large materials, such as plywood, thought this isn’t an issue on small, quick cuts.

This tool ranks among our top 10 circular saws because of its raw power. It draws 15 amps to rotate the blade at a maximum speed of 5800 rpm, which is fast enough to rip through 2x material and plywood without resistance. In fact, the saw cuts smoothly and effortlessly, making it easy to handle in the middle of a cut.

However, this Hitachi saw does a poor job of removing sawdust buildup directly in front of the tool, which is frustrating. When cutting most 2x material, this isn't too much of an issue, as excess dust doesn't build up quickly enough to pose a problem. On the other hand, when we cut plywood during testing, so much sawdust accrued in front of the tool that we could not see the cut line, blade or front portion of the foot. You have to slow your cutting to blow material out of the way, which is inconvenient. Our top pick, the Makita 5007MGA, is excellent at removing sawdust.

The saw allows you to make bevel cuts up to 55 degrees, but it doesn’t have positive bevel stops, which would allow you to make quick adjustments to cut at common angles such as 22.5 or 45 degrees. It can cut a maximum depth of 2 3/8 inches at a 90-degree angle and up to 1 27/32 inches deep at 45 degrees. This means you can cut through 2x material completely at bevel angles less than 45 degrees.

The Hitachi C7BMR comes with an impressive five-year warranty that protects against manufacturer defects. This is the longest warranty in our review. A physical copy of the owner’s manual comes with the saw, but you can also view it on the company’s website. Hitachi does not currently have a FAQs section on its webpage, which would be convenient if you prefer to troubleshoot problems on your own. You can contact the company via email or phone.

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The Hitachi C7BMR is a durable and powerful circular saw, but it’s missing features that set apart the best corded circular saws we reviewed. It allows sawdust to accumulate in front of it, which obscures the blade, cutting line and front of the foot, and it doesn’t have positive bevel stops, which allow you to quickly adjust the blade to common cutting angles.

Hitachi C7BMR Visit Site

Specifications and Benchmarks


Weight (pounds)
Height (inches)
Length (inches)
Width (inches)
Cord Length (feet)
Blade Side
Dust Removal Effectiveness
Included Carrying Case
Not Included
Standard Blade and Arbor Size
Spindle Lock Button
On-Board Wrench Storage
Included Rip Fence
Electric Brake
Laser Guide

Power Features

15 Amps
120 Volts

Cutting Features

Handling Efficiency
90 Degree Depth (inches)
2 3/8
45 Degree Depth (inches)
1 27/32
Bevel Capacity (degrees)
Adjustable Cutting Depth
Positive Bevel Stops

Help & Support

5 Years
Online Manual
Live Chat