Pros / The Black & Decker BDCDHP220SB-2 has convenience features like an LED light and a bit holder.

Cons / The batteries take a long time to charge and drain quickly.

 Verdict / This Black & Decker drill has a decent amount of power and an ergonomic design, and it performs adequately overall. However, its battery holds it back.

The Black & Decker BDCDHP220SB-2 is a cordless drill with decent power and speed. It also has a nice design and comes with a number of convenience features such as on-tool bit storage and a keyless chuck. Overall, this is a good drill for most projects around the house, but its battery lags behind the competition significantly, with a long charge time and short life.

With a maximum speed of 1,500 RPM, this Black & Decker model is the slowest drill we reviewed. Speed directly correlates with drilling abilities, and while 1,500 RPM is fast enough to accomplish most tasks you encounter at home, they will be a little more difficult to complete than with a faster-spinning drill. While a couple of our testers felt it was more powerful than they expected it to be, the majority noticed the deficiency. Still, they also generally agreed it was an effective power drill.

You can adjust the drill’s speed between a high setting and a low setting, and the latter effectively turns the drill into a screwdriver. You can also adjust the clutch to one of 23 settings, which helps prevent damage to the material you’re drilling and keeps you from snapping fasteners or stripping screws.

This cordless drill can produce 412 inch-pounds of turning force, or torque, which isn't the best we saw but is still decent. The more torque a drill produces, the better it is at driving screws or drilling holes without getting stuck halfway through the board. When we drilled holes of various sizes in boards and metal during our testing, this model did an overall good job.

The BDCDHP220SB-2 has an ergonomic design, which means its weight is evenly distributed to prevent unnecessary strain and fatigue or even injury. Our testers found this drill to be relatively well balanced, and it was generally comfortable to hold and use.

It uses a keyless chuck, which is convenient – instead of having to keep track of a chuck key, you can just fasten bits to the tool by hand. A bright LED illuminates the workspace in front of you. This is helpful when you work in low-light settings because you don’t have to carry a flashlight with you or try to hold one while you drill. The drill also has an on-tool bit holder that puts extra bit tips in easy reach.

This cordless drill comes with two 18-volt lithium-ion batteries, and it takes three hours to recharge each one, which is at least three times longer than the other drills we reviewed. You would hope with that much charging time that the battery would last for an hour or more before it died. However, these batteries only lasted a disappointing 34 minutes, which is below average. We tested battery life by taping the drills’ triggers into the on position and timing until they ran out of juice. Since this drill comes with two batteries, you can use one while the other charges, but the difference between charge time and battery life is still painfully apparent.

If you have questions about the drill, you can contact Black & Decker via email or phone. You can also check out online user manuals and peruse the FAQs section on the company’s website to see if you can find answers to your questions. Black & Decker offers a two-year warranty on its drills and batteries that protects against manufacturer defects.

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  • Maximum Speed
  • Clutch Settings
  • Weight
  • Charge Time
  1. This is how fast the drill can turn, and it helps determine the tool’s drilling capacity.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 10  Black & Decker
    1500.0 RPM
  3. 1  Makita
    1900.0 RPM
  4. 2  DeWalt
    2000.0 RPM
  5. 1850.0 RPM
  6. Category Average
    1615.0 RPM


The Black & Decker BDCDHP220SB-2 has some nice convenience features like an LED light and on-tool bit storage. Its maximum RPM is comparatively low, and it produces a middling amount of torque, but it’s still useful as a drill and a screwdriver around the house. This drill has an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to use and guards against arm and wrist strain. Overall, the BDCDHP220SB-2 performed decently in our tests, but its abysmal battery holds it back.

Black & Decker BDCDHP220SB-2 Visit Site

Specifications and Benchmarks


Weight (pounds)
Length (inches)
Clutch Settings
Battery Type


User Experience
Battery Life
Maximum Speed (RPM)
Maximum Turning Force (torque)
412 in-lbs
Charge Time (minutes)


Batteries Included
LED Work Light
On-Tool Bit Storage


Tool Warranty
2 Years
Battery Warranty
2 Years