Pros / The Kobalt 1424A-03 has the highest maximum speed and torque of the drills we reviewed.

Cons / This drill only comes with one battery, and it takes a long time to charge and has a short life.

 Verdict / The Kobalt 1424A-03 is an affordable drill that packs a lot of power and is versatile enough for all kinds of jobs. It’s an especially good option if you have other 24-volt Kobalt tools because the batteries are interchangeable.

The Kobalt 1424A-03 is a solid cordless drill with a lot of power, and it had some of the best results in our user experience tests, during which we evaluated its balance, handling, power, weight and grip. While our expert testers weren’t unanimous in their praise, the majority liked this drill, and even its critics agreed it delivered in terms of power. However, it didn’t perform particularly well in our battery test. Overall, it’s a nice, affordable cordless drill that’s worth considering.

In addition to being one of the more affordable drills we reviewed, the Kobalt 1424A-03 has some nice features to recommend it. It has a maximum speed of 2,000 RPM, which ties it for the highest speed in our test group – drills with high RPM ratings drill holes better and faster than those with lower ratings.

This model has 650 inch-pounds of torque, or turning force, which is also at the top of the pack. There are also 23 clutch settings, which allow you to control the amount of torque you use for each project since some jobs require a more delicate touch – you don’t want to snap off a head fastener or damage the material your working on with too much torque.

You’ll find the 1424A-03’s overall feature package to be somewhat lacking. However, its biggest problem is its battery. First, it only comes with one battery, and all the other drills we reviewed come with two. In addition, the battery took 60 minutes to charge but only ran for 22 minutes, which is one of the shortest battery lives of the models we tested. The longest lasting model we reviewed was the Milwaukee 2703-22.

For comparison, the drill that performed the best in this test ran almost three times as long as this one. If there was another battery to swap in, this wouldn’t be as big of a problem, but there isn’t. On the plus side, if you have other 24-volt Kobalt tools, their batteries are interchangeable with this one’s, so you may have additional batteries around the house you can use.

You also can’t conveniently store bits on the tool itself, a feature that would make it easy to switch quickly between bits as you work. However, it does have a belt loop so you can keep bits and attachments nearby for when you need them. This drill has an LED work light, which illuminates your work area so you can see what you’re drilling, even in low light.

This drill comes with a generous five-year tool warranty and a three-year battery warranty. That is one of the best warranties of any drill we reviewed. There are also some helpful FAQs on the company’s website. In addition, you can contact Lowe’s with questions or concerns via email, phone or live chat.

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  • Maximum Speed
  • Clutch Settings
  • Weight
  • Charge Time
  1. This is how fast the drill can turn, and it helps determine the tool’s drilling capacity.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 6  Kobalt
    200.0 RPM
  3. 1  Makita
    1900.0 RPM
  4. 2  DeWalt
    2000.0 RPM
  5. 1850.0 RPM
  6. Category Average
    1615.0 RPM


The Kobalt 1424A-03 is a 24-volt cordless drill with a maximum speed of 2,000 RPM and 650 inch-pounds of torque, both of which make it one of the most powerful models we reviewed. There are also 23 clutch settings, so you can customize its force to the project you’re working on. It’s missing convenience features like on-tool bit storage, which would allow you to quickly switch out bits as you work. Also, it only has one battery, and it loses its charge quickly. This makes it a good option if you have other Kobalt tools because the batteries are interchangeable. All in all, this is an affordable drill that has a lot to offer for its price.

Kobalt 1424A-03 Visit Site

Specifications and Benchmarks


Weight (pounds)
Length (inches)
Clutch Settings
Battery Type


User Experience
Battery Life
Maximum Speed (RPM)
Maximum Turning Force (torque)
650 in-lbs
Charge Time (minutes)


Batteries Included
LED Work Light
On-Tool Bit Storage


Tool Warranty
5 Years
Battery Warranty
3 Years