How a patio heater could save Christmas 2020 for millions of Americans

How a patio heater could save Christmas 2020 for millions of Americans
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With Christmas 2020 coronavirus restrictions meaning many families won’t be having a traditional Christmas indoors, here’s how to take your celebrations outdoors into the garden with one of the best patio heaters and cozy essentials needed for a magical time.

The Holiday season is usually a time for families and loved ones to come together and enjoy the celebrations. However, the current COVID-19 pandemic means that many households will face a very different Christmas 2020. Restrictions on households mixing indoors have certainly changed the way we gather and host traditional Christmas parties. 

But it’s not all doom and gloom! If your local state allows you to socialize outside, we can still enjoy our Christmas festivities in our backyards or outdoor spaces. All you’ll need is a great outdoor patio heater to ensure you keep warm in the winter chill, and plenty of creative alternatives. In fact, an outdoor heater could literally save Christmas 2020 for millions of Americans this winter. And it’s no surprise that sales of patio heaters have soared, with many determined not to let a global pandemic ruin the Holiday season.

While enjoying outdoor gatherings, it’s still important to allow for social distancing at the recommended six feet apart, to reduce the risk of passing on the virus and to ensure a COVID-safe Christmas 2020.

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Christmas 2020: How a patio heater could save the day 

Patio heaters are a great outdoor essential, perfect for entertaining in the winter. Not only will they keep your guests warm and toasty, but some models also provide warm lighting to illuminate your outdoor festivities. 

The more popular heaters are electric heaters which heat up outdoor spaces quickly with less fuss and are economical to run. You can also get gas models too which will provide more powerful heat for a larger area. 

The freestanding heaters are more powerful, adding much warmth and glamour to your garden. Most of them also come with an attractive dancing flame feature that is great for creating a cozy outdoor ambiance. If you’re pushed for outdoor space though, you can opt for a portable heater that can sit on the table and provide that warm glow when dining outdoors. These can also be easily stored away, and come in a variety of stylish designs that will look great in your garden. 

If you’re not sure what to get, check out all of our options in our guide to the best patio heaters.

Christmas 2020: Host a winter barbecue

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Christmas 2020: Host a winter barbecue 

Now that you have your perfect patio heater to keep everyone cozy, why not host a winter barbecue? Cooking food outdoors is fun all year round and not just for the summer. Propane gas grills are the perfect option for those winter cook-outs, and are long-lasting. The best gas grills will be versatile with plenty of cooking capacity to cater for those festive parties. So, whether you want to cook up a festive feast or rustle up some turkey burgers, a gas grill is an ideal investment. 

For those who want to literally roast chestnuts on an open fire, charming firepits are very festive. Most require charcoal or wood/logs to burn, and they also make an attractive feature to your outdoor space. Perfect for making s’mores, toasting those marshmallows, or enjoying a mug of hot chocolate. 

If you’re going to be catering for people who aren’t in your household, it’s important to take precautions to minimize the risk of catching or spreading COVID-19. The Mayo Clinic advises that guests should bring their own food, drinks, and cutlery so that you’re not all handling the same items. 

How to make an outdoor movie theater for the Holidays

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Christmas 2020: How to make your garden dazzle 

Even though coronavirus has pretty much put a dampener on Christmas 2020 events, you can still create your very own Winter Wonderland in your outdoor space.

If you love festive movies, check out our advice on how to make an outdoor movie theater for the Holidays. But even if you’re just having friends over, Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without fairy lights around the garden to give that festive sparkle. And to make your outdoor space look amazing, you can style it with spectacular garden lighting and lanterns to provide that soft, warm glow. Solar garden lighting and lanterns are ideal for illuminating your outdoor spaces. The best solar lights include string, deck, and path lighting ideal for creating a cozy ambiance and Christmas charm. Solar lights are also more economical than plug-in or battery-operated lighting. 

For those dreaming of a White Christmas, a snow machine is perfect for creating realistic snow, providing plenty of fun for the whole family. It will create an authentic, winter wonderland backdrop for your fabulous outdoor parties, and best of all, you can use a snow machine all year round! For those who enjoy being the ‘hostess with the mostest’, the best slow cookers are essential this winter. Designed to take the stress out of cooking, slow cookers are handy for those festive feasts that would usually take hours to prepare. They are so versatile from making delicious hearty stews to seasonal treats such as warm mulled wine. For a non-alcoholic version, you can simply warm up apple juice which will go down a treat with children.

Despite having such an unprecedented year, these are just some of the fun and festive ways you can still have a special (and socially-distanced) Christmas 2020. Happy Holidays!

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