How to find hot tub parts

How to find hot tub parts
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Keeping your hot tub water clean and safe is a priority, as well as making sure your hot tub is well maintained. But how can you find hot tub parts, and where can you get some of the best deals? Our guide has everything you need to know.

From ensuring your water has the right balance of pH levels and alkalinity to stopping nasty bacteria from breeding when you’re not using your hot tub, we’ve got a full list of chemicals that are essential for hot tub hygiene. 

Plus, we’ve got some ideas for essential accessories you can’t live without, as well as advice on where to find the best hot tub or the best inflatable hot tub parts online and at your local store.

How to find hot tub parts

What the expert says...

Laurence also recommends getting “a hot tub cover lifter if you can get one fitted. It helps you remove and replace the cover on your own and reduces the risk of damaging your hot tub cover, extending its life by keeping it off the ground and limiting wear and tear.” 

Laurence Hookway, Sales Manager at Aqua Spa and Leisure, shares his top hot tub products that everyone should have. “It’s important to maintain your filter to ensure water clarity and for your hot tub’s longevity. A dirty filter can put extra strain on your hot tub’s key working parts, so it’s essential to give it a deep clean once a month, but maybe more, depending on your usage. Regular cleaning, plus a good filter cleaner product, will prolong your filter and hot tub’s life and give you peace of mind."

Now that hot tubs are a popular addition to homes and backyards, it’s never been easier to find the parts you need.  

1. General parts online

From Amazon to Walmart, you can find a huge selection of hot tub parts online. Specialist hot tub supplier sites abound online, too, such as Spa Depot, Pool And Spa, and Hot Tub Things. Be sure to check that whatever you’re buying has great reviews and is suitable for your hot tub. 

2. Hot tub manufacturer sites

Many hot tub brands, such as Jacuzzi, Bullfrog, and Bestway, stock their own parts, chemicals, and accessories. So, if you have a specific hot tub brand that you love and want to support, you may be able to find everything you need via their websites or affiliate websites, including cleaning agents, spare parts, and upgrade kits.

3. Bricks and mortar stores

If you live near a large grocery store, you may be able to pick up hot tub parts in the seasonal or hardware aisle. Garden centers, hardware stores, and hot tub showrooms should also have a decent selection of parts that you can check out in person before committing to buy. If you’ve already bought your hot tub from a local dealer, why not ask them for their recommended products and accessories, then shop around online to see if you can get a better deal? 

What hot tub parts do you need?

1. Spare parts for your hot tub

We’d recommend that you find a qualified hot tub repair company to supply and fit new parts. However, if you’re an experienced hot tub fixer-upper, then you may want to take your hot tub to the next level. There are lots of sites that offer spare parts, control panels, lighting, plumbing parts, and sensors for hot tubs. Happy hot tub pimping!

2. Hot tub chemicals

There are some basic chemicals you need to add to your hot tub to keep the water clean and safe. These include a sanitizer, pH adjusters, shock treatment, and sequestering agents. These will help to keep your water’s pH at the right level, allow your sanitizer to work more effectively, and reduce irritation to the eyes and nose. Check out what supplies are important in our guide to what hot tub chemicals you need

3. Storage for your chemicals

The chemicals you need for your hot tub can be extremely dangerous if swallowed, so you’ll need to ensure they’re kept well out of reach of children and animals. They can also be sensitive to heat and moisture, so we recommend purchasing a lockable container that you can keep in a cool, dim place. A garage is ideal. Make sure the container has legs, so it’s raised off the ground, too.

How to find hot tub supplies

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4. Testing strips

It’s no good adding hot tub chemicals if you don’t regularly check your hot tub’s water. Testing strips check alkalinity and chlorine levels and let you know if your water is safe or whether you need to adjust the levels. It’s a good idea to test your water levels every couple of days. 

5. Steps for your hot tub

Most at-home hot tubs are situated on the ground, which means it can be tricky to get in and out of them safely. A set of steps will ensure that you, your family, and your guests don’t slip and fall trying to get over that hot tub side. From basic plastic steps and stairs made out of attractive decking to steps with handrails and even premium models that can be built around the corner of your rounded hot tub, there’s something for every type of hot tub out there.

6. Spare filters

Looking after your hot tub’s filter will help it live longer and give you more time in the tub. Making sure it’s clean with a weekly rinse and a deep clean every month with a filter cleaner should give you a couple of years of solid use. But every filter has a shelf life, so it’s worth keeping a spare filter that’s suitable for your hot tub, just in case.

7. Bug-proof and cleaning accessories

Even the best-protected hot tub gets the occasional bug or critter in the water. And that’s not even half of it. Falling leaves, dirt, sand, and grit can all build up in your hot tub. Having a net to scoop out larger items is essential, but you may also want to invest in a spa vacuum that can suck up those smaller particles that lie on the floor of your hot tub. 

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