How to print emails from iPhone

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Emails are usually the most practical way of receiving important documents, travel details or even e-tickets for events like concerts and music gigs, so it's vital to know to how to print emails from iPhone. While an electronic message is handy, it’s always a good idea to have a printed paper backup to hand in case your phone runs out of battery. We also recommend keeping a print out of insurance details in your car at all time and in a physical filing system at home, or taking a physical copy of concert and flight tickets with you.

In this article we’ll take a look at the easiest ways that you can print out important information and tickets from your emails on your Apple iPhone. So, armed with one of the best compact printers, it'll be fast to transform your emails into physical documents. Let’s get to it…

How to print emails from iPhone 

The first thing to do is open Apple’s Mail app on your iPhone. If it’s your first time opening the Mail app you’ll be presented with a list of email providers, simply choose yours from the list and enter your password to log in, then wait a few moments while your emails are processed and downloaded. 

Next, scroll through the downloaded emails to find the important one that you’d like to print out, such as a flight confirmation or concert ticket. With the email open, tap the 'Share' icon (the icon looks like an arrow pointing to the left) at the bottom of your screen, then scroll down and choose 'Print' from the list that appears.

Now you need to tap 'Select Printer' and make sure that the printer you wish to use is switched on and connected to the same WiFi connection as your iPhone, then choose it from the list to select it. Next you can set how many copies of the email you’d like to be printed, if you’re printing flight passes perhaps you’d like two copies, one for yourself and another for your partner. 

Then, set the 'Range' to choose which pages you’d like to print (if you don’t need all of the email printing out) or tap the checkbox underneath each page preview to quickly choose whether to print it or not. Make sure the paper size is also set correctly and tap 'Print' to start printing your email.

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