How to use a front load washer - follow these tips to make laundry day easy

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Whether your current washer has seen better days and you’ve decided to buy a shiny new model, or you’ve moved into a new place, you may be wondering how to use a front load washer. 

Front load washers have been around for a while, but with all of us taking extra care when it comes to water usage and energy consumption, these models are proving more popular than ever. They’re known for using significantly less water than their top load washer counterparts and making sure you know how to use one correctly, can make even more of a difference when it comes to saving some cash. 

We’ve spoken to the experts for their tips and tricks on how to use a front load washer, the right way. Follow these steps and watch your best front load washer go further than a few loads. 

How to use a front load washer, the right way  

Aside from water usage, there’s loading, detergent and care to consider too. No, it may not be rocket science, but there are plenty of settings to understand. To help break it down, we’ve spoken to an expert at appliance retailer Power Point Stores.

1. Loading your laundry 

Forget weighing out your laundry load like you might have had to with a top load washer, instead you should judge the amount of washing you put in based on capacity. In other words, make sure your items fit in the drum loosely. If you overfill, your clothes won’t get thoroughly cleaned. 

Top tip: check all the pockets of clothes, fasten hooks and close zippers to avoid any internal damage and ensure the best cleaning performance. 

2. Water and spin cycle 

After you load your clothes, it’s important to choose the most appropriate water setting for your wash. Most machines will do this automatically, adding just the right amount of water to the drum before it starts to spin. 

What the expert says...

To use your machine more economically, Sterling at Power Point Stores advises to “opt for a shorter, colder wash, which is ideal for items that don’t need extra hygiene care”. For items like towels and bedding, he explains “you can us an eco pre-set, which heats the water gently over a longer period of time.”  

For other washers, you’ll have to select the water level and load size. This should be enough for the laundry to absorb. Not only will this help to save you money on household bills, but it's also better for the environment to stick to shorter washes for small cycles, or loads that aren't as dirty. Save the hot washes for removing bacteria from commonly mucky items such as towels or outdoor gear.

3. Detergent usage

If you’re used to a top load washer, it’s worth noting you should use less laundry detergent that usual. Most front load washers will come with a drawer to fill up with your detergent. This will dispense the correct amount of detergent depending on your load. Otherwise, you can add it using a measure. We’d recommend using around one tablespoon for an average size load. If you’re wanting to use fabric softener too or bleach for your whites, the same rule applies.  

All that’s left to do, is press go. 

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