How to Watch Apple WWDC 2020 stream: Updates for iOS and Macbook hardware expected

How to Watch Apple WWDC 2020 stream: Updates for iOS and Macbook hardware expected
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Today Apple will be holding its opening keynote for WWDC 2020, the tech giant’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference where it shows off the latest and greatest innovations in its hardware and operating systems. Apple is one of the biggest technology companies in the world and while it’s normally making headlines releasing the best smartphones and tablets, today’s conference will be a little different. 

You won’t see any new iPhones or Macbooks being announced here, but rather seeing the updates and innovations going on inside the software and internal hardware that runs your favorite Apple devices.

Apple is expected to be making several big announcements this year, the most important of which comes off the back of a Bloomberg report which claims that Apple will be moving away from Intel chips for its Mac computers, shifting instead towards Arm chips already used in iPhones. 

We’ll also likely see updates to the various operating systems, centered around iOS, that power your iPhone, iPad, Macbook, and even your Apple Watch, so the show is worth checking out if you want to see what new tricks your devices will be learning in the coming months.

iOS 14 is almost a given at this point, though we have very little information about it so far. There are a few rumors floating around that suggest we’ll be seeing improved multi-tasking capabilities and some new layouts (if an Apple OS update doesn’t completely change how everything looks and where everything is, is it even really an Apple OS update?)

How to watch WWDC 2020

Apple’s WWDC keynote speech, which opens the show, will take place today at 10am PT / 1pm ET. The keynote will be headed up by Apple CEO Tim Cook.

You can stream the keynote speech on Apple’s website or via the Apple Events app on Apple TV. We’ll also have our coverage of the event live tomorrow morning, so you can catch up on all the latest developments from the world of Apple.

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