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Coleman SaluSpa inflatable hot tub review

The Coleman SaluSpa is an incredibly popular and affordable inflatable hot tub with a sturdy construction.

Coleman SaluSpa inflatable hot tub review
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Our Verdict

The Coleman SaluSpa affordable and popular inflatable hot tub


  • Reasonably priced
  • Cushioned floor
  • Easy control panel


  • Claims to fit six, but that would be a squeeze
  • Heater and bubbles won't work simultaneously

The Coleman SaluSpa is a popular and well-made inflatable hot tub with durable PVC construction. It is one of the best inflatable hot tubs on the market, thanks to a blend of affordability, quality construction and Coleman’s reputation for both its products and customer service.

Users report that it will struggle to fix six people, as Coleman claims, but they also love how easy this inflatable hot tub is to use and maintain. 

Coleman SaluSpa: Main features

Measuring 6 feet 4 inches across, the 28-inch deep Coleman SaluSpa holds up to 254 gallons of water. The tub is made of two layers of PVC reinforced with a layer of polyester mesh in between. 

The tub features vertical beam construction, which adds additional support with vertical vinyl panels inside the inflatable tub wall, and the hot tub will easily support you if you lean against the tub wall. The tub has a synthetic PVC exterior in bright Coleman green. 

This is the only color available, but we think it blends well into most lawns. The whole package weighs 88lb when unfilled, and as portable inflatable tubs go, that’s not bad.

Coleman SaluSpa: How it works

The tub is made to comfortably seat four to six adults, and a cushioned ground mat adds to the comfort. If you don't need such a spacious hot tub, consider the Intex PureSpa 77 Bubble 28403E. The ground cloth not only protects the tub from dirt and debris, it also puts an extra layer of cushioning between the people in the tub and the ground underneath.

Coleman SaluSpa inflatable hot tub review

The Coleman SaluSpa has a sturdy construction.  (Image credit: Coleman)

The combination pump and heater uses digital controls, and heats the water up to 104 degrees. With a heating rate of 2 degrees Fahrenheit per hour, the water will need to heat over night to reach its maximum temperature. This means you’ll want to set up the hot tub and start heating the water the day before you want to use it.

One common complaint with the Coleman SaluSpa is that it won't heat your water and run bubbles automatically. Running your jets can cause the temperature of your tub to drop, so you can't run them for too long without feeling a significant difference. 

One thing we do like about the Coleman SaluSpa is that it automatically detects when the temperature of your water drops and switches on the heater to maintain it. The control panel sits alongside the tub in an egg-shaped attachment, and it can be easily reached from within.

The Coleman SaluSpa has an air blower, which provides air for the tub’s 114 bubble jets. These jets are high quality, although they won't rival what you can get when you invest one of the best hot tubs

The air blower can also be used to inflate the tub during setup, and it includes a pressure gauge to help you avoid overinflating the tub. The valves built into the tub should let you inflate it easily, and they prevent air from escaping when you disconnect the hose. A specialized tightening wrench is included in the package, which lets you tighten the valve setting to prevent growing leaks over time.

Coleman SaluSpa: How it runs

Coleman SaluSpa review

The Coleman SaluSpa can be inflated in as little as ten minutes.  (Image credit: Coleman)

The Coleman SaluSpa comes with a fitted top cover, made of the same green PVC material that covers the outside of the tub. A foil lining helps the top cover to better retain heat, and an inflatable disc sits atop the tub, underneath the fitted cover. Around the outside of the tub you’ll find several clips to secure the cover, as well as built-in handles for repositioning the inflated tub before filling it with water.

In addition to the ground mat, valve wrench and pressure gauge, the Coleman SaluSpa also comes with one filter cartridge, a chemical floater, a patch kit and plenty of instruction resources which cover set-up and maintenance. Users report that this inflatable goes through filters quite quickly, so it's a good idea to stock up when you buy. The warranty is for a standard one year of limited coverage.

Coleman SaluSpa: What users say 

Coleman SaluSpa inflatable hot tub review

The Coleman SaluSpa heats up at an average of two degrees per hour.  (Image credit: Coleman)

On average, the Coleman SaluSpa has a four star rating on Amazon. On Warmth and Ease of Assembly, it has an average rating of 4.3 stars. It also performs particularly well when it comes to its timer setting and sturdiness. 

One user wrote "This spa is wonderful. It was easy to set up, it heats up quickly. It is comfortable to sit in, it has a nice padding to the bottom." Another says that it is far more suited to four people than six, but praises its ease of use. "We've had this for over a year now and are more than happy with it! We really wanted a hot tub but were not willing to spend thousands of dollars on one. This one is very easy to set up, take down, clean, and maintain."

Should you buy the Coleman SaluSpa? 

This is one of the most popular inflatable hot tubs on the market because of its reasonable price and ease of use. For the budget minded, the Coleman SaluSpa is a smart choice. It's an inexpensive inflatable hot tub that is a great option for the average family. If you're looking for something a bit more luxurious, however, check out the Bestway 54190E SaluSpa Helsinki Air Jet Inflatable Hot Tub review This inflatable hot tub is easy to use and maintain, but it is better suited to groups of four than its six-person recommended limit. 

For further hydrotherapy products, also take a look at our guide to the best swim spas.

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