Is a mini fridge worth it? 7 reasons why you need to get one

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A mini fridge can bring a lot to your life, whether it's the convenience and privacy of having your own stash, or whether it's to keep your drinks or cosmetics at their best. 

With mini fridge deals popping up all-year round, it can actually be fairly affordable to reap the rewards of having one in your home. The best mini fridges don't have to cost too much, especially if you're savvy about finding a good deal.

We've already rounded up the 10 best things you can do with a mini fridge, but if you're still unsure about making the decision, read on for seven reasons why you should buy one.

1. Convenience & comfort

Not only can a mini fridge fit just about anywhere, it's a quick and easy way to have your favorite snacks and drinks on demand. If there's a room in the house you spend a lot of downtime in, you can avoid heading to the kitchen every time you fancy a treat by having a small fridge in the room. A big win for convenience.

Just imagine: you and your partner in bed on a lazy Sunday, enjoying your favorites together from the comfort of your bedroom. 

2. Style in any room

As well as making things more convenient at home, you can use a mini fridge to add something to the style of whichever room you're in. Bedrooms in particular are spaces that we decorate with intention - and that doesn't have to stop with the convenience of a mini fridge.

There's a great deal of choice when it comes to mini fridges. You could go for a retro, look like this Galanz red retro mini fridge on Amazon, or more of a sleek, black design like this Frigidaire compact refrigerator also Amazon

It won't take you long to find one that matches your home décor, and it's a great way to add something further to your style while giving yourself easier access to your favorite chilled goods. 

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3. Extra space for beverages

Naturally, a key advantage of owning a mini fridge is the extra space it provides, on top of the fridge space you already have. You can use this as an opportunity to organize: you can have a mini fridge dedicated to soda cans, or a wine cooler to store your precious collection.

The Ivation Beverage Refrigerator, as seen on Amazon, can fit 126 cans, and is a great way for large households to stay well-stocked on sodas and beers. Or, the Newair Wine Cooler, as I found on Target, can hold 24 bottles of your favorite wine, with dual temperature zones to keep the bottles at their best.

4. Privacy of having your own stash

A mini fridge can basically be your own private stash of your favorite chilled foods, beverages and snacks. This can really change things if you live in a shared house with friends or family, bringing all of your own goods into your own space. College students, more than anyone, will understand the struggles of a shared fridge.

If anyone you live with is prone to helping themselves to your favorites, some mini fridges even have locks, such as the Whynter stainless steel refrigerator on Amazon

5. The freshest cosmetics

One thing I noticed this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, from the hours I spent researching mini fridge deals, is how popular cosmetic fridges are becoming. It doesn't feel like that long ago when they were first being introduced, but now you may be surprised by how common they are.

Cosmetics with natural or active ingredients can stay effective for longer when kept chilled. There are even some beauty products out there that the brands wouldn't recommend owning without storing them in the fridge. And to save yourself from keeping them next to your fruit and veg, you can invest in a dedicated beauty fridge (they're usually pretty cheap). 

The AstroAI mini fridge is an Amazon find which is great for cosmetics, and it's available in black, white, or pink.

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6. Chilled goods outside the house

Mini fridges aren't just confined to your homes, either. Many people buy a mini fridge for access to chilled items out of the house, like at the office or in your van. 

If your vehicle has the right voltage output, there are plenty of mini fridges that you can keep running while driving for quick access to chilled food and drinks. It can make those long journeys a lot easier.

For vans or trucks with a 110V outlet, this YSSOA mini fridge (Amazon) would be a great one to keep on your travels. It'd also make a great companion at the office with how compact it is. 

7. Make a drinks station

Whether it's an at-home mini bar or a full beans coffee station, you can really elevate a drinks setup with a mini fridge. 

It's an exciting and visually-appealing way to keep everything in one place, whether it's a selection of your favorite cocktail ingredients, or the milk, cream and syrups for the perfect coffee. 

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