Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor 67601 Review

The Hamilton Beach Big Mouth juicer produces a lot of juice and is easy to clean.

Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor 67601 Review
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While the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth isn't the most powerful juicer in our lineup, it did well in our juice tests and is easy to clean up. If you like pulp and don't mind froth, this juicer will provide plenty of fiber


  • +

    High juice yield

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    Good warranty

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    Easy to clean


  • -

    Lots of froth

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    Not that powerful

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The Hamilton Beach Big Mouth juicer was easy to assemble and performed extremely well in our juicing tests. It was one of the best juicers we tested when it came to juice yield and it performed well in our hard and soft produce tests. This, however, doesn’t mean it performed perfectly. This juicer produces a lot of froth, which most people will want to strain before drinking. This is not an overly powerful juicer, but if you like a lot of pulp and fiber in your juice, it’s a good choice. For juice drinks with a minimum of froth, check out the Cuisinart Juice Extractor CJE-1000.

Hamilton Beach Big Mouth: How it performed

As with some of the other products we tested, this juicer doesn’t come with a pitcher or a cup so we had to borrow accessories to complete the tests. We decided to use a measuring cup this time instead of a pitcher to see if we could minimize the mess the pitcher consistently made. Since the nozzle points down more than with other juicers we tested, we had to continually press the cup up against the side of the juicer to keep it from dripping everywhere. This method took effort and concentration, but it did eliminate mess.

We first put it through the hard produce tests. For the whole apple test we had to cut the apple into eight pieces to get it to go through the machine properly, but this method worked nicely. We were able to feed the beets through whole during that part of the test, and they just needed a gentle push to get them through the machine.

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The soft produce test was equally successful. Both tests produced a high yield of juice. However, the nozzle, which was one of the weak features of this juicer, created problems. Because of the position of the nozzle, it was hard to get all of the juice out of the machine and into the cup. The amount of green in the grate when we were done led us to believe that the spinach might not have juiced as successfully as it did in other machines. The hard and soft produce tests made a lot of pulp and a lot of froth. We suggest straining for the highest quality juice, but if you like pulp and don’t mind froth, you can get the extra fiber that way.

This juicer only turns on and off and won’t allow you to vary speeds for different types of produce, as some of the juicers in our lineup do. While this doesn’t seriously affect its juicing capabilities, it won’t allow you to refine the performance. With only five removable parts, this Hamilton Beach juicer was one of the easiest to clean after each of our tests. It comes with a brush, which made cleaning the grate easy. The cord on this juicer is very short, so we had to keep it close to an outlet. This would definitely limit its flexibility around the kitchen.

This juicer was one of three in our reviews with a very generous three-year warranty. Many juicer warranties expire after the first year. With its solid construction and functionality, it deserves a generous warranty.

With only five removable parts that need to be cleaned after each juicing session, the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth is one of the easiest to clean. 

Should you buy the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth juicer?

The Hamilton Beach Big Mouth juicer performed extremely well in our juicing tests. It isn't the most powerful machine in our lineup, but it does yield a large amount of juice. It is also high in pulp, so people who like a lot of fiber and don’t mind froth will like this juicer, though many will want to strain before drinking. This is a solid juicer with a generous three-year warranty to back it up.

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