Nutri Ninja BL480D Review

The Nutri Ninja BL480D is a powerful and reasonably priced blender, but it's better suited for single-serve and personal use.

Nutri Ninja BL480D Review
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Top Ten Reviews Verdict

The Nutri Ninja is a powerful blender with a 1000 watt motor designed for stability and easy cleanup.


  • +

    Powerful 1000 watt motor

  • +

    Suctions well to counters

  • +

    Made great almond milk


  • -

    On the small side

  • -

    Struggles with large ingredients

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The Nutri Ninja BL480D blender is one of the best blenders you can buy for under $100. It's a somewhat affordable blender for its 1000 watt motor, and it comes with thoughtful touches such as multiple cups of different sizes, and sip and seal lids for each. It lacks the classic pitcher design and larger capacity of more traditional blenders such as the Cuisinart Hurricane, but you can expect to pay a lot more for this type of blender. 

Nutri Ninja BL480D: Main features

The Nutri Ninja BL480D blender comes with an 18 ounce Nutri ninja cup and a regular 24 ounce Nutri ninja cup. It also has two sip and seal lids and pro extractor blades, which promises to deliver powerful nutrient and vitamin extraction from fresh fruit and vegetables. In our tests, this blender did a decent job of blending the romaine lettuce and spinach with the rest of the ingredients. However, this blender is so small we had to blend the ingredients in sections because it couldn’t handle the entire recipe at once. Even with its larger cup, this is still a blender best suited to individual use. Be careful not to fill the container past the max fill line, which creates a huge mess. Fortunately, this blender cleaned up easier and faster than many other blenders.

Nutri Ninja BL480D: How it performed 

The Nutri Ninja BL480D blender claims to liquefy ingredients to make healthy juices. In our experience, it's no rival for the best juicers. Like you'd expect from a blender, the most you'll achieve is a smoothie. Even when blending larger fruits such apples we had a few problems. The Nutri Ninja hacked away at the apple and got stuck for a minute or two, but it eventually blended the whole apple. We had to divide the apple into eight pieces to get it to blend effectively.

Nutri Ninja BL480D Review

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We did attempt to make almond milk in the Nutri Ninja BL480D blender, and it actually produced some great results. The Nutri Ninja chopped the almonds into tiny bits and performed better on this test than any other machine. You'll be able to make some great sauces and smoothies with this model, and it is more versatile than you might expect. 

One nice design feature of this blender is it sticks to the counter with suction cups instead of the rubber feet that most of the machines have. This makes it super secure, and you don’t have to worry about the cup coming loose and spraying all over. Customer support is available via text and email. This machine comes with a one-year warranty, which is standard.

Should you buy the Nutri Ninja BL480D? 

The Nutri Ninja BL480D is a powerful blender that finely blends produce in seconds. It is designed for stability, with suction cups instead of rubber feet, and is very easy to clean when you finish using it. It performed extremely well in our almond milk tests, but faltered with larger items because of its small capacity. 

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