Omega Mega Mouth Juicer Review

The Omega Mega Mouth is a juicer with a high yield of juice from fruits and vegetables, and it also features varied speed capability.

Omega Mega Mouth Review
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While it isn't the strongest machine in our lineup, the Omega Mega Mouth produces a high yield of juice, but you'll want to strain it before drinking, as the juice is relatively frothy.


  • +

    Great warranty

  • +

    Somewhat compact

  • +

    Gives large juice quantities


  • -

    The bowl shape makes cleanup messier than it should be

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The Omega Mega Mouth has a solid, functional design and performed extremely well in our juicing capabilities testing. The amount of juice extracted by this juicer during each test – green lemonade, hard and soft produce – was excellent. The amount of pulp it left behind, however, was about average. It did have one of the most impressive warranties we came across when reviewing the best juicers.

Omega Mega Mouth: How it performed

The hard produce test involved juicing such produce as apples and beets. The tube is wide enough at the top to fit whole apples into it, but a piece of plastic sticks out at the bottom of the feed tube like a fin, so big apples tended to get stuck. We had to cut apples in half and the beets into smaller pieces to get them through. Once the produce was the right size this machine juiced powerfully. After applying just a bit of pressure, the juicer did the rest of the work. After the hard produce tests, there weren’t any slivers of food in the pulp container and the juice wasn’t very frothy.

The soft produce test yielded an even more impressive amount of juice, one of the biggest amounts in our tests in fact. The leafy greens produced more froth than hard produce. This juicer does not have a froth separator to minimize the amount of froth. The frothing wasn’t excessive when compared with other models we reviewed, but there was enough froth that you’ll want to strain the juice before drinking it. The juicer’s performance on the almond milk test was by far its weakest. Most of the almonds got zipped into the back of the juicer, giving the almond milk the consistency of impure, vanilla-tinted water – not very tasty. If you really love almond milk want to make it at home, try the NutriBullet NBR12.

The Omega juicer has three settings – off, low and turbo – while many juicers only turn off and on. It is nice having the ability to go between low and turbo to accommodate different types of produce. Apples responded well to turbo, but soft produce responded better to a gentler setting.

One problem we had with this juicer was that because of the shape of the bowl, not all of the juice drains out of the nozzle. This meant that if we weren’t careful juice would spill all over the floor, counter and us when disassembling it for cleaning. Despite this flaw, it only took about four and a half minutes to take it apart, which, compared to other juicers with a lot of parts, was about average. This machine doesn’t include a pitcher, so we had to borrow a pitcher from another model during testing. If you have a lot of pitchers sitting around your house, this won’t be a big concern, but it will be an inconvenience for some.

Along with its juicing capabilities the other strength of this juicer is its generous warranty. At three years, it matches the longest warranty of any product in our juicer reviews. Many juicer warranties expire after the first year. With its solid construction and functionality, this device is deserving of a generous warranty.

Should you buy the Omega Mega Mouth?

The Omega Mega Mouth performed along with the best juicers in our lineup when it came to our hard and soft produce tests. It produced a high yield of juice with low frothing and average pulp retention. This juicer has a solid design generally and is backed by a generous warranty. However, one design flaw with the juicer’s bowl made for messier cleanup than it would have had otherwise. Plus, the lack of a pitcher will be an inconvenience for some users. Overall, though, this is a very nice juicer that produces quality juice.

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