VonShef 700W Max Review

The VonShef 900W Max is a strong juicer that comes with a large pitcher and can make fresh juices with little froth.

VonShef 700W Max Review
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VonShef is a powerful juicer that works efficiently to give you a large amount of juice with minimal froth and pulp.


  • +

    Helpful froth separator lid

  • +

    Good size

  • +

    Not too expensive

  • +

    Suctions to your counter


  • -


  • -

    Not the most powerful

  • -

    Poor warranty

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If you want to make quick work of fruits and veggies that you plan to turn into a healthy juice, the VonShef 700W Max might be the best juicer for you. This potent machine makes some great juice and creates only a medium level of pulp, which means more of the produce you use is turned into the juice you want to drink.

It is also worth mentioning the well-designed 1000 ml (33.8 ounce) pitcher that comes with it. This provides a useful froth separator lid so you can strain juice right into a glass as soon as you make it in the machine. The lid covering offers a small space for the juicer nozzle to fit into it so there’s no mess when you pour the juice into the pitcher. In addition to its other fine qualities, this juicer is easy to clean. 

VonShef 700W Max juicer: How it performed

We had a good experience overall in our testing with this juicer machine, although there were one or two small glitches. It worked well with soft produce, although it was quite noisy and vibrated energetically when we turned the switch on; but in a few seconds, the machine settled down into a normal whirring sound and we encountered no vibration troubles.

This juicer is designed with rubber suction cups on the bottom, so it stayed nicely in place on the countertop whether the machine vibrated or not. The result was excellent juice with very little pulp, and the froth separator on the pitcher meant no unnecessary straining.

We also got fine results when juicing greens, resulting in plenty of juice, with only a small amount of froth that we eliminated by pouring the fluid through a mesh strainer. In addition, the bowl under the grater was a snap to clean.

When it came to hard produce, this juicer did need a little help. Unlike some juicers we tested, this one could not pulverize an entire beet so we had to take off the lid, cut the beat and put it back into the machine. In addition, we needed to press quite hard on the food pusher to get such things as carrots through the grater. Nonetheless, the result was some good juice, a reasonable amount of pulp and easy cleanup for the mesh part of the grater.

If you love juices from hard produce, such as apples or carrots, and want an easier time getting them, try investigating the Cuisinart Juice Extractor CJE-1000.

Assembling this juicer is easy and takes a mere 30 seconds. The cleanup took about 4:15 minutes, which is a reasonable amount of time for thoroughly cleaning all five parts of this device and especially the mesh areas that need to be scrubbed with a brush that comes with the juicer. Without a brush, cleaning the mesh strainer on any juicer is a chore, but with one, cleanup goes much faster and is much more thorough.

Another helpful feature is the fact that all the removable parts of this juicer are dishwasher safe, so to be certain your juicer gets completely clean, you can wash it on the top rack of the washer.

This is a big juicer (16 x 13.5 x 8 inches), but with its polished stainless steel and black exterior, it makes a nice addition to any kitchen countertop and would blend in well with any décor. The non-slip base is a great safety feature. It is somewhat loud, clocking in at 85dB in our testing, but that is not outside the general range of many high-quality juicers.

This is one area where this otherwise excellent juicer falls short. You can email the company if you have questions about this product, but we could not find a working phone number to call for customer service. In addition, the warranty is for just one year, which is not unusual for juicers but still does not offer very much coverage, especially if you make juice every day.

Should you buy the VonShef 700W Max juicer?

Although the warranty is short and you cannot get customer support by phone, the VonShef 700W Max juicer gives you plenty of top-notch features. Among them are the generous amount of juice extracted from fruits and vegetables, the general ease of cleaning and the sturdy exterior held nicely in place with safety suction cups to avoid accidents in the kitchen. If you love to make your own fresh juice, this is a good choice.

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