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Falling leaves are a sure sign that winter is coming. Leaf blowers are a faff-free way to clear your yard of piles of leaves. They offer a convenient solution if you’re short on time and covering a large area. Here, we’ll share leaf blower storage ideas to keep your device in great shape, and ready for next fall. 

Once you’ve finished the job, resist the temptation to abandon your leaf blower. You may be disappointed if your device won't start when you need it. Taking good care of your leaf blower prolongs its lifespan and maximizes your investment. A few simple steps are all it takes to keep it in tip-top condition. 

We’ve consulted an expert to give their leaf blower storage ideas to avoid costly damage. You’ll want to put away your leaf blower once you’ve finished using it for the season. 

If your leaf blower has given up the ghost, our guide to the best leaf blowers will help you find the right replacement for you.

For now, let’s unpack our top leaf blower storage ideas. 

The best leaf blower storage ideas  

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Melody Estes

Melody Estes is a Landscape Design Gardening Supervisor from Maine and a consultant for The Project Girl, where she offers her expertise on taking care of your yard. 

Want leaf blower storage ideas to keep your device at its best? You’re in the right place. 

If you have a gas model, you may need to drain the fuel before storing it - read your manual to be sure. With electric devices, check whether the manufacturer recommends removing the battery,

Regardless of the model, remember to clean it. Wipe down your device with a cloth, removing any dust and debris. Pay attention to the flywheels and air vents. Take this opportunity to check for cracks or damage before they get worse.

Don’t forget the bag. “Make sure to clean out the bag before storing it," says Melody Estes, a Landscape Gardening Supervisor from Maine and a consultant at The Project Girl. "If there's any dirt in there, it will worsen over time and eventually clog up your machine.” 

Consider where you will house your leaf blower when not in use. Melody recommends “storing it in a dry place with low humidity so that mold and mildew don't grow on your leaf blower.” A shed protected from the elements is ideal. 

Be wary of placing your leaf blower near a window. “Don't leave your machine in direct sunlight—it'll damage the engine if left too long,” cautions Melody. Make sure you take a few moments to select the best location for your leaf blower to avoid problems further down the line.

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