Pros / This check ordering service offers a multitude of check styles and security features.

Cons / Checks In The Mail does not offer a money-back guarantee.

 Verdict / For personal and business checks, Checks In The Mail offers great customization options and styles as well as strong security features for your account's safety, making it one of the best online check services.

Checks In The Mail prints personal and business checks with plenty of add-ons to keep track of your spending. With over 200 check patterns, it has something for everyone. This online check ordering service has some of the best customization options including many check style varieties to choose from.

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Customization Options

With animated, floral and scenic prints, Checks In The Mail offers design options that allow you to express your style. The company also offers designs from popular brands such as "Star Trek" and Disney. You can even create your own designs by uploading your favorite personal photos.

Monogrammed checks are also available. These usually come with a single initial in the background of the check, and you can choose the font and color. These are useful in personal situations in which you are giving checks for fun events like school fundraisers, and they look uniquely your own.

Stock logos are another customization option the company offers. You can pick from more than 300 design themes, such as sports and nature scenes. For an extra fee, you can choose your own font design.

The company offers categories such as best-sellers and famous artists, and it's always adding new designs, so you can always find popular and current themes. In addition, with more than 150 checkbook cover designs, you can choose a beautiful cover to protect your checks in materials like leather and vinyl.

Check Styles & Add-Ons

This service provides custom checks in single sheets, or with carbon duplicates that record each transaction. It rewards bulk buyers with a discount; thus, the more checks you buy, the less you pay per box. Each box includes five pads of checks, 20 deposit slips and a transaction register for tracking your spending.

The company also offers business checks in multiple styles. For a one-time setup fee, you can add your company logo to the checks. You can also buy accounting products such as tax forms and payroll checks with preprinted deduction captions.

The checks styles in the business format can also be made in laser, high-security or manual format, depending on your needs. A laser check is useful if your business makes online purchases frequently, and a high-security check comes in handy when you have transactions with unfamiliar clients. Manual checks are written and are best for in-person purchases and expenses.

Everything you need for paying bills, tracking your spending and balancing your checkbook is available through this online check ordering service. In case you prefer them to carbon copies, top-stub checks are available so you can document your spending in the space above your check. You can also use the check register to record each transaction.


Checks from this provider boast state-of-the art safety features. When you order checks online from this reputable company, they meet all of the security specifications recommended by the CPSA. Checks that meet CPSA guidelines have three security features that defend against fraud. These essentials involve the use of special paper, inks and distinctive design elements that are hard to reproduce. You can tell if your checks meet CPSA guidelines by the padlock icon on each.

The safe backer on each check prevents the reproduction of the reverse side of the check. Another security feature on each check is a microprint security line, which appears dotted if someone tries to make an unauthorized copy.

Help & Support

In case you have a question regarding its products or services, the company offers a toll-free phone number and email support. We are impressed with the website's live chat feature and knowledgeable customer service agents. For answers to common questions, you can browse the FAQs page. Although Checks In The Mail does not offer a money-back guarantee, which is inconvenient if you are in a hurry or decide to use another ordering service, the company does replace your order if it makes an error.


As a leading supplier of personal and business checks, Checks In The Mail provides high-quality checks and related supplies. It stands out as one of the best check ordering services with its outstanding personalization options and security features.

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