It can be so hard to create a budget   and even more difficult to stick to it. But if you're at all competitive or into gaming, you may want to consider using a budgeting app to help you build and stick with a budget that can work for you. These apps are often supported by good educational tools that help you understand how a budget should work in the first place, and they provide you with a dashboard that gives you a graphical, at-a-glance look at how you're doing this month on your budget goals. Some programs even allow you to set up alerts for if you are about to go over budget. Here are some of the best budget apps and personal budget software programs to consider.


Quicken was one of the early personal finance software programs to hit it big. You can buy the software to track your expenses and manage your taxes, and the companion mobile app can help you track expenses while you're on the go. This is a great feature when you're trying to stick to a budget, and it's also helpful if, for example, you need to track expenses for work.

Budget Express

Budget Express 4 is not as sophisticated as Quicken, but it's an easy tool to use for those just starting out with financial management software. You can use the software's budgeting tools and calendars to set goals and place limits on your spending, and you get notifications when you're in danger of exceeding your budget limits. is a cloud-based tool developed by Intuit, Quicken's parent company, and it's free. When you connect all your bank, credit card and investment accounts to this app, you can see enhanced graphical representations of your spending and goals. You can also set alerts so that you'll know if one of your accounts is getting low or you're about to exceed your entertainment budget.


Lots of calculators and tools available with the Moneydance app help you with your bigger personal finance questions as well as the everyday budgeting issues you face. With this budget app, you can handle online banking and bill payments, budgeting, and even investment tracking. You can also reference mortgage calculators and a host of other financial tools that help you answer the bigger budget questions you may have.


YNAB stands for You Need a Budget. This software isn't just a tool to use with budgeting and tracking software. The YNAB method is a four-part approach to managing finances designed to put you on a lifelong path of healthier finances. The software and the app are backed up by a lot of education about financial management and budgeting, as well as a community of people who are big fans of the software.


MechCAD AceMoney is a sophisticated alternative to some of the bigger personal finance programs. Not exactly for the novice, AceMoney allows you, for example, to manage your budget in multiple currencies. The software supports multiple account types and can manage a wide range of your online accounts. It can also categorize your income and expenses in preparation for tax season. And there are a number of different ways to set up and look at your budgets.


Why are so many of us budget-challenged as adults? Many of us didn't learn about budgeting when we were kids. Bankaroo attempts to solve this problem. Designed by an 11-year-old and developed and marketed by her parents, Bankaroo helps parents and kids work together to manage money and provides a host of fun learning tools that the whole family can reference when learning how to budget. It's fun and helps your kids grow up to be better financial managers.

Whether you're just beginning on the path to better budgeting or you're a sophisticated financier looking for a better way to keep tabs on your spending, budgeting apps and software can help you set and reach your goals.

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